Here is how it works.  If you own (1) PC and you want us to remove a virus, configure it on your network, or just make it work faster, then select 1 PC: $12.00 USD - monthly from the left drop down above.  If you own(2) or more PC's and desire the same service, then select that number of PC's.  This applies to all IBM compatible manufacturers and apple. 

Click a Nerd staff all reside in the USA.



The new buzz word in the IT industry is "Managed Services".

Simply put - managed services is a proactive approach to IT maintenance.

Instead of waiting for IT problems, you pay a tiny fraction of a service call each month, and in turn we constantly monitor, prevent and remedy your problems on a priority basis.

Every hard drive or solid state device will quit working at some point..

Being ready for the inevitable is better than reacting in a storm.

We support all server platforms and client operating systems.

We automatically bill your credit card or Paypal account each month, on the day you signup.

Most operating systems are extremely vulnerable to a myriad of infections and other annoyances, the minute you connect to the internet.

The leading antivirus manufactures all concur that AV cannot prevent every infection.

Insiders have even claimed that most of the viruses on the internet were actually created by the AV companies themselves.

Apple computers are based on the Linux kernel and the OS was once thought to be bullet proof.

The percentage of Imac's and Macbook's becoming infected with ransomware, is growing at an alarming rate.

The bottom line is - any computer can become infected and unstable over time, and IT service is expensive.

A single service call with most major retail chains costs approximately $150.00.

If you were to be hit with any strain of ransomware, and you have no unencrypted backups to recover from, you could be put out of business completely.

Most intelligent business owners already understand this concept.