SINCE 1988 - By clicking on my face above from the pc or apple device with a problem, you will establish a remote desktop connection with me. My name is Shawn Richeson and I am the founder of Click a Nerd, as well as its chief problem solver. Call or text me at 254-230-9311 any time. We are based in Central Texas and support clients all over the globe. If you would like to drop by my shop, here is a map. If you would like to schedule an appointment with me, please click here.

DATA RECOVERY - We have over 30 years of experience recovering data from all media types. We utilize highly sophisticated hardware and software specifically engineered to extract data from damaged SSD, M.2, NVMe, USB, and even the older SATA/IDE hard drives.

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SERVERS - Configuring a VPN server, building a 200 account mail server or hosting a web server, are just a few of the tasks, routinely done by our network server team. If your organization struggles with IT problems, yet cannot afford full time IT staff, we have a service plan just for you.

MANAGED SERVICES - We install our remote management software on your machines. We then use a revolutionary algorithm, that monitors and synchronizes your network with ours. If anything is detected out of tolerance, it alerts us immediately. To obtain this level of service, we charge a small monthly fee for each device that we support.

At Click a Nerd, we proactively monitor and maintain your business on a high priority basis. You pay us a small fraction of your maintenance cost each month. We do everything else. Small business owners all know that running a business means delegating complex tasks to your best employees.

COMPUTER FORENSICS - Erased text messages and e-mails are never really gone. We can recover the proof your lawyer needs from any smart device, tablet or computer network. Our forensic tools are recognized by all State and Federal Courts.

COMPUTER VIRUS - Did someone in your office click on that $100.00 fake gift card from Microsoft, and now your network moves at a snail's pace.  A computer virus can cripple any organization.  At Click a Nerd, we solve virus problems in our sleep.

COMPONENT LEVEL - Imagine spilling water into your $3000.00 MacBook air, and the Apple bar telling you "sucks to be you" but please give us another $3000.00, and we would be happy to alleviate your concerns. At Click a Nerd, we troubleshoot down to the component level.  Many times, changing out a $20.00 surface mount part soldered to an Apple logic board, is all that is needed.

FIBER OPTIC INTERNET - We will run extremely high quality fiber optic all the way to the Optical Network Terminal ( ONT ) in your home or office. We will professionally install the fiber optic ONT to your location in the Killeen & Harker Heights area, take care of all the city trenching permits, and comply with all FCC requirements. we will supply a WIFI-6 next generation router that will communicate beautifully with any device. Our speed plans range from 500MB to 2GB up/down with virtually no lag.

Because fiber optic has plenty of room to keep growing in data speed transmission, there would be no need to constantly upgrade or repair your cable; unlike our competitors. No other broad band provider in this area can compare to our speeds, personalized tech support, and overall reliability. We will manage the project turn key; from drawing to completion. You don't get routed to tech support in India at Click a Nerd. We are dedicated to solving our clients problems. We are your (1) stop shop for internet and IT support.

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PAYMENT - We accept all credit cards. Please use your credit card and pay us by clicking the credit card graphic below.