Please select the number of PC's or Apple devices that you want us to support from the upper drop down selector above, then click the button.

You may select up to 9 devices under our basic PC management plan. We support all operating systems.

If you desire proprietary business server management from us, we need to first evaluate your business, before we can develop a custom maintenance plan.

The United States Government, many State Governments, as well as several small businesses throughout the world, all choose Click a Nerd managed services over in-house IT. We focus on preventing problems and reducing your over all IT cost.

We are essentially a check engine light monitoring your operation, with the distinction of us monitoring the check engine light 24x7x365.

The question is not "can you afford our protection" the question is "can you afford NOT to be protected".

Ransomware is here to stay, and it has crippled Fortune 500 Companies, imagine what it will do to your business? Antivirus Companies all know their limits, but gloss over the truth. The truth is, they can not do anything to protect against ransomware and its devastating affects on your enterprise.

Find out how we can protect your investment and your sanity.