REVIEWS 1988-2023

07/21/2016, 04:56 AM   Shawn was extremely helpful, he explained things so that even I could understand.
07/14/2016, 01:10 AM   This is the second time I have resorted to Click A Nerd services for computer problems. Shawn helped me both times and I could not be happier with the results. Very helpful and understanding with someone who is not computer literate. I have made it a point to recommend Click A Nerd to all my family and friends. Shawn is very professional, patient and is a very good communicator.
06/27/2016, 01:24 AM   Awesome, awesome, awesome company! Fixed my computer on a Sunday morning. Shawn is professional, courteous and very patient with an old lady like me who had questions. I will recommend Click A Nerd to anyone!! Very reasonable price, too. Shawn, thank you SO much!
06/16/2016, 06:23 AM   Amazing work our computer has been messing up for awhile so we took it to click a nerd and he literally had it fixed within a couple of hours...Never again will we take it to anyone else ..Thank you for a wonderful job..
11/21/2015, 02:35 AM   I am so grateful to Shawn Richeson of Click A Nerd. On Monday, I learned that my computer had been targeting by Cryptowall 3.0 virus, which had encrypted everything on my hard drive so that it was not accessible to me. I had never heard of this virus, had no where to turn and had no idea what to do to get my very important data back. Shawn really came through for me. He walked me through every step of the process and was able to help decrypt my files. Everyone needs to know about this virus and how to protect themselves from it and the criminals that demand ransom in order for you to get the decrypt key, that trust me you could never figure out how to use on your own. Shawn was very knowledgeable about this virus and I realized that after talking to others who simply had no idea or understanding of it. He really worked hard for me and came through. He made my week. I would recommend you calling Shawn for tips on how to keep your computer safe or consider using him as your IT person. Thanks Shawn!!!
11/16/2015, 01:31 AM   I have been meaning to write a review since last month. We took in our almost 8 year old Mac computer, that was really not even usable due to it being outdated. Reading reviews in the area to try and find a repair place, I found click a nerd... they were awesome, and had it up in running smoothly- within hours! Very pleased!!! Thank you
11/13/2015, 00:37 AM   Shawn fixed my Mac Book Pro quick and it works faster than ever! Great service and he is really friendly! Would highly recommend him to anyone!
10/18/2015, 03:12 AM   Great job Shawn! Fixed my computer quickly, on a Sunday, without me needing to take it anywhere. They definitely make it easy to get computer issues solved with minimal hassles (taking computer into office, etc)
08/05/2015, 03:23 AM   Had Major issues with my home pc and was concerned that I would not get it fixed. It was really bogging down and not performing as well as it should. I contacted Click A Nerd and after consulting with the technical support people, they were able to remote in and clean and improve the performance of my computer better than when I bought it. I was very pleased with the results and professionalism of the support. Thanks guys!
05/27/2015, 06:24 AM   Awesome services and excellent price with a bit of class as well. My machine came down with the flu and was really dragging. Shaun was really polite and friendly and helped me to setup my new logitech remote while he repaired my original problem. This guy is a keeper!
06/15/2014, 01:14 AM   OUTSTANDING JOB Mike. Very polite and was able to get my Laptop better than back to normal. He did not beat around the bush and was able to give me some very knowledgeable information. Fast and easy. Did everything from home. Nobody compares to Click A Nerd. Thank you very much sir.
05/21/2014, 06:31 AM   Kim did a fabulous job while receiving passenger seat instructions from me. A computer virus is about the most annoying invention of this century. It would be nice if we could track down the authors and beat them with an aluminum baseball bat. I took out my frustrations on Kim and she just kept her cool and let me yamber on for about an hour while she cleaned my computer. Thank you Kim :-)
05/08/2014, 01:09 AM   When I say these fellas are good, that s what I mean!!! After spending 2 days on the phone with Microsoft, Brandon was able to fix me up in 30 minutes and undo all the damage. Love the place!
04/20/2014, 02:27 AM   Remarkable service and the price was decent. Been going to Click a Nerd for over 20 years and they have never let me down. Even on my last trip to Iraq, the remote assistance was very helpful. I met Shawn when he started the Company and watched it grow all these years. He runs a great enterprise.
02/23/2014, 05:34 AM   Shawn did a great job and was a huge help! Very responsive and explained everything the whole way. Got me back up and running in no time!
02/22/2014, 03:33 AM   YES YES YES !!! Finally someone open when you need them. Just when you thought customer service was a forgone conclusion. Mike did a fabulous job. The virus was about to make me commit harry carry!
02/22/2014, 03:19 AM   Just bought this POC from bestbuy. It had the new and improved Windows 8. I hate it. Went to see Ray and he put on Windows 7 and copied all of my files for me. It is much faster and easy to use. I highly reccomend Ray.
02/22/2014, 00:15 AM   Very happy with the results, Thank You, Virgil Kafer
11/23/2013, 01:02 AM   Great service! Very easy process all from home, fixed my laptop problems.
11/15/2013, 01:51 AM   Great service. Sean worked until am on this issue and was back on it early in the morning. Couldnt be happier with the service. Will use every time I have any issues.
10/17/2013, 05:14 AM   I have been putting off fixing my computer for about a year, and I was so daunted by the foreseeable task of having to find a place to drop the computer off at, pick it up according to my availability, be without a computer for god knows how long, and pay outrageous costs. I am SO glad I found click-a-nerd! I called and spoke to an ACTUAL person, Sean, immediately. He began giving me advice to diagnose my computer without first even asking for my payment info. He could tell I knew NOTHING about computers, and that I wanted mine to just work without the hassel. He figured out the virus I had within 5 minutes, explained it to me, and amazingly was flexible about my time and budget constraints. Within 45 minutes, my computer was working as good as new!!! He called me to explain everything and made everything so easy and convenient, it was the best thing ever. I recommend Sean and click-a-nerd HANDS DOWN to anyone with computer problems. To think I had worked myself up about an issue that was resolved without any difficulty in less than a hour...just made me wish I had found out about this service a year ago. THANKS SEAN!!
09/20/2013, 05:54 AM   Once again, Shawn has pulled out rear out of the fire. I came to him with an emergency on my work computer, and 24 hours later, my six-year-old computer is better than new! He s very patient with someone who *thinks* she knows what she s talking about but maybe doesn t. He brought my computer back from the dead and made it better than ever. It seems we only contact him when we re in a panic, and he always calms our fears and fixes our stuff. Thanks, Shawn!
09/14/2013, 02:27 AM   After deliberation and both agreeing that it was the cause of windows 8 being junk he decided to put windows 7 on there but that is when his years of experience helped him troubleshoot the real problem behind my intense computer. It turned out after recommending a new motherboard he popped the old one off and discovered a signalling cap loose, sodered it back together and saved me 300 dollars. I recommend Shaun to anyone, just knock on the garage!
09/13/2013, 04:42 AM   Around midnight yesterday, I gave my number to the Click-A-Nerd website and someone called me back in less than 3 minutes. It was great knowing that I could get an estimate that late at night. The next day, Shawn called me and let me know that I could take my laptop in for a free diagnostic check. I took it to him and he checked it in only a few minutes and gave me a price right on the spot. I agreed and left my laptop with him around 2:30 in the afternoon. Around 5:45 that same day, he calls me and tells me that my laptop is ready! I was surprised that he was able to fix it so quickly. The LCD screen was broken, the fan needed replacing, and there was a problem with my hard drive that needed fixing. He got all this done for me in less than 4hrs! I have taken this laptop to get fixed before and didnt receive it back for a week! I am very happy with the service I was given and my laptop is running great! I would definitely recommend him to anyone :)
08/28/2013, 07:36 AM   Great! After being on the phone with several companies for nearly 4 hours, I was recommended to Click A Nerd by a friend. Shawn was able to clean up my computer very quickly upon seeking his help! He was extremely helpful, and professional. I would recommend Click A Nerd to anyone having computer problems!
08/11/2013, 07:08 AM   Much easier than any other computer repair. Fast and responsive. Guaranteed results or you don t pay. Highly recommend it.
07/16/2013, 04:35 AM   Incredibly competent. I needed help unlocking my Windows 7 administrator password. After talking to Best Buy, Dell, an independent computer repair guy, and several online guides, I found this dude and he fixed it in about 10 minutes. At first I was a little put off by the fact that I was going into a stranger s home, but now I m glad I did. I will never go to anyone else for computer issue, although I hopefully won t need to.
07/01/2013, 04:08 AM   Highly recommended for Click A Nerd. Very fast computer repair and gets the job done right the first time. Please take my word..going to take your computer to those cheaper guys in downtown or on Rancier..beware!! Go thru Click A Nerd and your expectations are met..GUARANTEE!!
02/23/2013, 04:55 AM   Never thought I d ever find myself in need of this this of service... LOL Yeah, I know... Well, here s the bottom line. If ya want to hire some cheapo closet tech to fix your valuable computer... There are plenty out there... Do yourself a truly big favor... Contact Click A Nerd.... You wont be sorry. They are fast, friendly AND professional PERIOD!!! They have gained a repeat customer for life! I puter is extremely inportant to me and their excellent Customer Service proved it s important to them too!! Thanks Shawn... Click A nerd Rocks!!! Same day service and LATE pick up had me back p and running BETTER then neew!!
02/14/2013, 06:03 AM   Thank you for the timely response and turn around. It is difficult to find computer repair that you can trust. You all are the best.
11/14/2012, 03:12 AM   This is my 3rd trip to Fort Hood and I have been going to Click A Nerd since the late 1980 s. Shawn and is crew of experts have grown allot over the years but the service is as good today as it was 20 plus years ago. When I was in Korea, Click A Nerd was there to help. When I was in Germany, Click A Nerd was there to help. Excellent customer assistance and without question the best in their craft. If you have a computer problem or issue, call Click A Nerd.
11/07/2012, 03:21 AM   Best service in Killeen. Been to most of the computer stores in town and Click A Nerd is number 1. My Family all get their computer fixed at Click A Nerd. Best deal for the money anywhere.
10/28/2012, 02:58 AM   It was 2 in the morning and I got a computer virus. My daughter told me about clickAnerd and used them before. I went to their website and filled in the form. About 30 seconds later I got a call from a computer technician and she began diagnosing my problem. Within 20 minutes, the virus was gone, my computer was working like new and life was good. The price was \\$60.00 for a job well done.
10/27/2012, 03:40 AM   We had an excellent experience. Our machine was moving like a snail and now it screams! Ray was very professional and answered all my questions. You have my business from now on.
10/26/2012, 05:45 AM   Very convenient service and our entire family will be notified. The after hours help was really cool. All I did was press an icon and my personal nerd jumped on my computer screen and fixed my problem in 10 minutes.
10/26/2012, 02:21 AM   Horrible service over the phone, the man was rude and short with his responses and not very helpful. When he told me the price for what I was looking for which is a simple File swap from HDD to HDD and he priced me at \\$180, about 9 times more than other stores in this area.
10/16/2012, 04:53 AM   Absolutely fantastic work! I had to have my fan replaced and they were able to do it the same day! Thanks Shane!!
10/01/2012, 04:29 AM   Great Service. Would certainly use again. Super fast service, very friendly and he even put more things on my computer and it s much faster.
09/16/2012, 07:11 AM   Best technical help in the area hands down. Needed some help connecting my prom burner and an olde rs 232 interface. None of the local computer stores even knew what I was talking about. I found Brandon and he nailed down a solution for me quickly.
07/16/2012, 03:47 AM   Its a very Nice work. Click-A-Nerd is awesome! My computer crashed hard with a new, nasty virus, and Shaun had it up and running in an hour, if that! Great job, highly recommend!
06/30/2012, 01:50 AM   This is the finest technical support we have ever received. The process of remote repair is very convenient and cost efficient. We have a 12 user Novell network with a shared web server. Our business was severely hampered. We contacted Novell and they were worthless. We contacted Microsoft and their help was not much better. We found Click a Nerd and our problems were solved in under 3 hours.
06/02/2012, 07:24 AM   It is realy nice helpfull for small businessman.I like it.
06/02/2012, 07:10 AM   Click-A-Nerd is awesome! My computer crashed hard with a new, nasty virus, and Shaun had it up and running in an hour, if that! Great job, highly recommend!
12/23/2011, 05:01 AM   If you are a small business and need any help with computers I HIGHLY recommend Clickanerd. They are professional, fast, reliable, and low cost.
10/22/2011, 07:19 AM   We have been doing business with click A nerd for many years. Most of my family in the United States and Germany all use click A nerd. They are always open and any problem we get with our computer systems are taken care of fast. I can not say any technician is any better than the other but I can say they all work as a team when you get a complicated problem. This is the most professional organization ever.
09/25/2011, 04:06 AM   These fellas are just slicker than owl sh**. I didnt even have to unplug my computer and as a matter of fact I was having a beer while I was watching them do their magic. Ask for Brandon when you call.
06/16/2011, 01:02 AM   Mike did a fantastic job and he was very thorough. When the process was done, he gave me some pointers to keep it working like this.
05/10/2011, 03:43 AM   WOW! These technical experts ROCK! My background with ClickAnerd goes back to my tour in Iraq. Every time my computer system acted up, I pushed a button on ClickAnerds website and I was greeted with a technician in minutes. After 30 minutes of tweaking my computer was like new. The brains behind the operation still lives in Killeen and is a former SSG in the MI field. ClickAnerd is always ready to serve!
12/23/2010, 00:18 AM   James was my personal nerd and he did a fantastic job. It was 8PM at night and my daughter downloaded a virus that made my computer go totally crazy. I called click a nerd and received a return call within seconds. It was amazing to watch as they took control of the mouse and fixed everything right in front of my eyes. It seems scary to let someone on my computer but I feel safe being able to watch unlike leaving it at a computer shop.
09/10/2010, 02:46 AM   Very good service. This was my first time using Click a Nerd and I was throuoghly impressed. Rich was very knowledgeable/professional and was able to fix my problem fair quickly. The price was also quite fair as well. I hope I never need computer repair again, but if I do, I will definitely return to Click a Nerd. Highly recommended!!!
07/03/2010, 05:00 AM   This is the most professional and well run organization I have ever come across. We just moved back to the Fort Hood area from our last assignment in Germany. We have used Click a Nerd services since 1999 and no one compares. While in Germany, I was in the field much of the time so my wife would push the nerd button and we were being serviced almost instantly. These folks have technicians all over the world and I can say that I had the pleasure of meeting Shawn in Killeen, the brains behind it all. Every where we travel in the world, Click a Nerd is available to take care of us. Obviously we have told countless people about Click a Nerd and the excellent service. This time at Click a Nerd was the most impressive. The hard drive inside my notebook stopped spinning. We did not make backups of the pictures of our daughters wedding. They were gone, so we thought. Much to my surprise, Click a Nerd recovered the photos and other elements of my hard drive. What more is their to say?
06/22/2010, 05:29 AM   These fellas are just slicker than owl sh**. When Id type in to google, it would take me to anywhere but where I needed to go. My buddies told me about click a nerd and the fine job they did him. They were right on. My computer is fast and running like new again. Never left the house and the price was great.
04/26/2010, 02:07 AM   When I got that crazy fake antivirusxp popup Virus I called and James from FL fixed my computer by remote and he did a wonderful job and then when McAfee killed my computer the guys in Killeen totally saved it and brought it back better than ever! Click A Nerd is fantastic!
02/02/2010, 02:01 AM   These Guys are GREAT!!! You never even have to leave the house .. you just put your computer totally into there hands and they fix EVERYTHING wrong with it. I have been taking my computer as well as my mothers to Shawn for at least 10 years and have always had the best service!! These people are extremely polite and knowledgable, and FAST!! Thanks to all you guys who have helped me. YOU ROCK! If anyone isnt sure who to contact for assistance with their computer you dont need to look any further!! I will be refering everyone i know that has a problem to you all! thanks again!
10/30/2009, 03:55 AM   Fantastic service. I think it was Rich whom helped me. He was professional, and quick. I have used ClickaNerd for several years. Keep up the good work Shawn.
10/22/2009, 07:21 AM   In the end, my nerd \"Ray\" was quite the pro. He removed my virus and made my pc run like new. Ray even took the time to show me how to prevent those annoying ads from bombarding me. I will be sure and recommend all of my family and friends to click a nerd.
10/22/2009, 03:12 AM   WOW !!!!!! I had a major crash. The software, I installed somehow wiped out my quicken data. After spending 3 hours on the phone with a supposed quicken expert, I came across clickanerd. I entered a workorder at the website and about 10 minutes later I received a phone call from Shaun. My nerd had me install some software and he went on my computer and found the damaged quicken files. He then began to restore the data right on my computer. You have my business !!!
10/08/2009, 07:44 AM   We are new to computers and really dont have much patience. Brandon was so calm and understanding and worked with me until I understood how to operate this contraption. I have called Clickanerd a few times and all of the service representatives are knowledgable and helpful. It is not realistic for me to try and unhook my machine and transport it. I really dont like having people in my home. So having an icon on my desktop that will speed dial a service representstive is good for me.
10/03/2009, 05:29 AM   Thank You Very Much Shawn. I really was having problems and since I go to school online full time, I couldnt part with the computer. I didnt expect to pay this much, but I appreciate your help and Im considering buying the service so that this doesnt happen again. Thanks again. Debbie
09/24/2009, 07:57 AM   the guys at ClickaNerd fixed my network and got my pictures back. yyyyaaayyy nerds.
09/24/2009, 07:47 AM   This was my first visit and I was very pleased for several reasons: availability on a holiday, same day service, and the quoted flat rate was what I was charged. I have my computer back and it works better than ever. I will recommend them to family and friends and will definitely go back with my computer needs. Pam ODonovan
09/24/2009, 06:39 AM   I dont know if I spelled his name right, but Shawn was awsome in resloving my problems. I will absolutely use ClickaNerd again and highly recommend them. Imagine, Brains and English together, isnt that refreshing?!
09/24/2009, 06:36 AM   great job! fair pricing! great service
09/24/2009, 05:44 AM   Quick and Easy... Dropped it off one day and it was ready the next! My Computer is now better than ever! Thanks ClickaNerd!
09/24/2009, 05:38 AM   Service, was fast, friendly, effective and very reasonably priced. Thanks for the great service.
09/24/2009, 04:22 AM   Shawn was very helpful. In about 30 minutes, he made my PC run much faster by getting rid of a bunch of junk programs that had worked their way on my system over the past couple of years. Worth the price--especially as I didnt have to go anywhere.
09/24/2009, 04:10 AM   employee was very professional and explained the problem adequately thank you!
09/24/2009, 03:34 AM   Quick turn around, superb job, Very pleased with my computer, hasnt worked this great since it was brand new!!
09/24/2009, 03:24 AM   great help fast reliable helped me out with almost no notice at all and all this on a holiday weekend !
09/24/2009, 03:12 AM   Shawn did a repair on my computer that was running very poorly. He was courteous and professional. I would reccommend ClickaNerd as a souloution for your problems. Dont wait!
09/24/2009, 02:32 AM   I was given the phone number from Information by mistake and called it. They were were polite and helpful. They ran the diagnostic test and then fixed all the problems I had. I would definitely use them again.
09/24/2009, 01:25 AM   Honestly, Shawn was very friendly and honest when I met him. Told me up front what it would cost and even gave me a great price on an optical mouse. Cant beet or find that service anywhere else!
09/23/2009, 03:04 AM   This is the 2nd time Ive used Clickanerd in the last couple of years. The person was extreamly patient w/me. I called back a half hour or so after completion and he returned my call answering a question I had forgotten to ask. I appreciated his customer interaction.
09/12/2009, 06:18 AM   My daughter told me about you guys and I was very impressed. Your response was quick and John seemed to really know what he was doing. My computer is running as good as new. Thanks,
09/12/2009, 03:15 AM   After checking BBB and seeing the A- rating for the company, I moved forward and called them up. I recd a call back within 2 minutes and from that point forward Rich walked me through my options. He did not put the hard sell on me which I appreciated. He was calm, clear, and extremely knowledgable. I swallowed hard when (after diagnosing my PC) he told me it would be almost \\$200 to fix my machine, but after looking around a bit it was clear that this was a good deal. Their 5-day warranty really sealed the deal for me as some other places do not do that and charge more. All-in-all, I was very pleased. I highly recommend this company.
09/08/2009, 03:00 AM   i needed my computer fixt the same day and my nerd fixt it right away and it was 160 dallars cheaper than all the other places in town.
09/07/2009, 07:54 AM   What a great experience! Shawn and John (Sean and Jon?) were absolutely wonderful. Very patient - bless them both! They spent most of the day with me working to get my computer going again. I couldnt ask for better service or more polite and courteous helpers. I immediately sent out an email to my \"co-workers\" (were all volunteers in the Army system) and let them know what great service Id gotten. Thank you so much for all your help!
08/20/2009, 06:05 AM   WOW~~~What luck when I dialed the wrong number!!! Got RICH from Killeen!! He was knowledgeable, patient and did not give up!!! Three+ hours later....he had my computer running as good as new!! GREAT LUCK...loved it when he told me that if he couldnt fix it I wouldnt owe a cent! He earned every penny and didnt leave a stone unturned!!I even got to go pick up a child from soccer, while he worked!!! Fabulouso~!! Thanks Rich for your great work!
08/15/2009, 07:28 AM   Great service and Bill was friendly. Thanks for the help.
08/15/2009, 06:11 AM   I owe my soul to the nerd man. As soon as we hooked up our machines together justin had my diagnosed. I have an office in UK and Dallas Texas. He was able to fix my VPN and keep me in business. I will tell my friends about you for certain.
08/15/2009, 05:16 AM   Thank you Justin !!! When the power plug on my sony notebook broke off inside, I was told it was hopeless and time to get a new computer. My son uses clickanerd and recommended me. I had spoken with Justin and he instructed me to mail in my computer and he would have it back within the week. It took 2 days to get it from Florida to Texas and it was back working great just as he said. They even put some remote control software on my machine so I can have them repair software problems at the touch of a button. I could not be happier.
08/15/2009, 03:08 AM   Just want to thank sean. My laptop started shutting down by its own. I called click a nerd and sean called me right back. He told me the motherboad had a bad powerjack. i had to send it in to his shop in Texas. When i received my laptop back, it was fully charged, the motherboard was fixed and they also fixed all the popups for the same price. My mom in Florida sent her laptop in to click a nerd and got the same sort of service. Thank you from the Mueller family. You have our business and we will tell our friends.
08/04/2009, 04:20 AM   I have tried several local companies and I keep going back to click a nerd. They are very nice to work with, reasonable and actually know what they are doing. I paid Michale Kaine a local in Minneapolis and he spent most of his time in my house working on his cell phone. Click a nerd works remotely and do a 200 times better job, Most of all they dont talk down to you and they dont make you feel stupid......... I love them and they are great to work with. our last tech was Rich and what a nice you man to work with.
07/30/2009, 07:15 AM   AWESOME tech-Michael had us fixed up in no time. I would recommend clickanerd to evryone I know. Thanks so much, Michael. Keep up the Good Work!!
07/25/2009, 06:50 AM   I found Clickanerd through a Google and am very pleased with the results. My problem (s) started with a virus that had no doubt been in my computer for a long time but fully manifested itself by taking out all icons \u0026 toolbars leaving me in the dark. Rich worked diligently searching for a way to correct my issues which were made more difficult due to him not being able to access my machine online. Through his perseverance I am up and running back at 100%! The Clickanerd icon now resides on my desktop and will remain there. He helped me with clear instructions that I understood without any interpretation problems which would have occurred with other services. I will use them again and happily recommend this service.
07/24/2009, 01:24 AM   A few months back my husband called to get his computer fixed and they did a terrific job so when we needed help with my computer we knew exactly who to call. We will be calling back soon to fix our kids computers. Thanks for all your help John, Bev \u0026 Troy
07/15/2009, 03:04 AM   i was helped by mr rich on my lap top . he was very perfessonnel and never once made me feel like i was not smart enough to fix the problem he walked me thru it step by step. well be talking and passing out the information to fellow soldiers thanks again
07/09/2009, 06:48 AM   I was helped by Jon, and I am so impressed by the help he gave. He fixed what ailed my computer. I would highly recommend Jon and Clickanerd to anyone with computer issues. He deserves a raise in pay.
07/08/2009, 05:20 AM   Rich was very professional in helping me with my laptop \"issues\" Never once did he talk down to me and actually empowered me to work with him as he \"fixed\" the problems. He was so helpful and educational throughout the 2.5 hour process. Thanks Rich for being good at what you do, and great people skills! Wilma Marler
06/24/2009, 01:44 AM   Rich was very helpful and courteous. Highly recommend this service to others. Thanks again
06/23/2009, 05:31 AM   our call was returned immediately...Shawn answered all our questions clearly and professionally...problems were is like new...thanks!
06/18/2009, 01:14 AM   Very professional service. When a computer answered the phone my first thought was oh here we go but my call was returned immediately. I was impressed with the knowledge of their staff and signed up for their monthly support.
06/09/2009, 04:47 AM   They did a great job fixing my computer. I couldnt afford to send it to the shop for a couple of days. These guys did it with their remote service in a couple of hours. Never had to leave the house. I ran into trouble the next day trying to use a program simulator and my tech installed a newer version of my browser to fix the problem for free even though it wasnt related to my original problem at all (a virus). Very friendly and helpful.
06/01/2009, 07:41 AM   Thanks to Jon he did just what he said, repaired my computer to the operating speed like new.Its great to have you out there to help me.
05/23/2009, 03:59 AM   Thanks Rich for bringing my computer out of the no mans land of malware. Your work and professionalism are outstanding. Ive used Clickanerd service before with another problem and the high quality of computer repair service is still there. Thanks again.
05/17/2009, 01:15 AM   Rich was awesome! He identified my computers problems promptly and fixed them quickly, but thoroughly.
05/16/2009, 03:09 AM   I thought Rich was just awesome!!!! He spent alot of time and patience,including answering all of my questions. When I come back to clickanerd I want Rich!!!!!
05/08/2009, 05:53 AM   Very satisfied with the work! Rich and Shawn were very nice and patient with me.. I dont understand a lot of the computer lingo! I will definitely recommend them to friends! Good job.
05/01/2009, 05:45 AM   Absolutely wonderful!!!! Rich was the \"nerd\" who repaired my computer. He was awesome. First and foremost, he was so polite and patient. I appreciated his kindness as much as having my computer repaired. My computer is repaired 100% and working like a brand new one. I will use Clickanerd again and refer them to people in need of repairs. Keep up the good work!!!!
04/20/2009, 01:25 AM   Thank you John---my computer sounds and runs better now. I would refer people to try Clickanerd.
04/15/2009, 01:36 AM   This is the 2nd time we have used Clickanerd and your service was phenomenal once again!!! Rich was fantastic, professional, very courteous, personal and very communicative while he battled with this nasty virus. He won the battle and restored our computer to like new once again!!! Thank you so much - Rich. You guys will be the ONLY ones we recommend to our family and friends. Your AWESOME.
04/14/2009, 06:47 AM   This is my second time using Clickanerd and again received expert service. Rich was a life saver. Professional and courteous. This is an excellent service and I highly recommend it.
04/12/2009, 04:35 AM   Outstanding job by Rich. First class customer service, great job fixing my computer with no loss of information.
03/18/2009, 05:18 AM   Wonderful experience!! Michael was great! I had a virus pop up on my screen and, of course, didnt know what to do. Michael removed the virus. Yea! All was done so easily with just a phone call. I really appreciated the professional and timely approach taken by Michael. Thanks again!
03/16/2009, 04:14 AM   I was looking in the phone book for a computer repair place and saw Clickanerd. I am so glad I called. Jon was the technician that worked on my computer and I was up and running the same night. What a convenience and a great job!!!! Thank you. Judy - KY
03/15/2009, 07:26 AM   Rich was a great help. Thanks to him my computer was saved from a virus impossible to avoid. Anyone who reads this, I highly recomend Rich and Clickanerd.
03/14/2009, 01:00 AM   Click a performed a virus removal on our computer. They did an excellent job. Thanks for all the help. We located them through the Yellow Pages in Georgia. Thanks Again
03/05/2009, 02:06 AM   These techs if that is what you want to call them are horrible. They were paid and never took care of my issues. My computer still 3months later has the same problems. not because it was fixed and broke but because it was never fixed right. I would not recomend these people to my worst enemy. They also have terrible customer service skills!! DONT USE THESE PEOPLE YOU WILL NOT BE SATISFIED!!!!
03/04/2009, 02:35 AM   Outstanding service. It is a little bit pricey but the level of service is well worth the price.
02/26/2009, 02:40 AM   After placing a call to clickanerd, I received a call back within minutes from John. He said Michael would be repairing my computer. Michael was wonderful! He restored my settings, removed trojans and other spyware, and got me back on line within 3 hrs. He was professional, courteous, and very helpful in explaining issues and answering my questions. Thank you Michael! I would recommend clickanerd, and especially Michael if you need prompt computer service. Sherry
02/03/2009, 00:45 AM   John was my technician and he did a wonderful job with my computer. I have had real success in getting to all the areas I need to without a hitch. Thank you so much for the prompt attetioned I recieved from you guys!!!!
02/01/2009, 00:07 AM   Clickanerd fixed a problem that was well hidden without having to take the computer into the shop. I am very pleased with their service.
01/29/2009, 01:07 AM   Jon at Clickanerd was thorough and really helpful. The computer appears to be running great. Thanks for the great service, jon .
01/22/2009, 04:01 AM   I just finished a two hour help session with Shawn in Killeen, TX and my six year old computer is running like new...actually better than new. I was unable to access the internet, any programs, documents, etc. on my Windows XP desktop because of \"virtual memory low\". Shawn cleaned up years of viruses, spyware and obsolete programs that had slowed my desktop to a crawl. He installed ClickaNerd toolbars that I can use for routine system maintenance so that I wont get myself into this fix again. All this was done online--NO disconnecting the computer, packing it up in the car, leaving it in a workshop for a week and then hoping that it would work when I FINALLY got it back home and hooked up again. I was skeptical when Shawn quoted me the price to fix my machine, but now that his work is complete, the cost was WELL worth it. Shawn was professional, knowledgeable and patient. I would definitely use his services again and will recommend Shawn and ClickaNerd to all my friends and family.
01/14/2009, 02:01 AM   After having my computer worked on for over eight hours by 3 different people and it was still not working and I had tons of work to get done, it was a huge relief when Shawn fixed the problem in about 2 hours like he said. He was very nice and polite and I liked that he explained the problem so I could understand. It now runs faster and better than before almost like new.
01/12/2009, 02:58 AM   When I first found out my computer had a virus I opened my phone book and started to call around to local computer places. Some were outrageously priced or couldnt give me an exact amount and others needed to have my computer for a few days or didnt know how long it would take. I had school work that I needed to get done so I had to have it done within a couple of hours and that's where clickanerd stepped in. At first I was a little nervous having someone come on my computer, almost like a hacker and my boyfriend was like what are you thinking you don't know if they will just take your money. But I had no other choice and in the end my computer was like new again and it only took a few hours. I didn't get robbed of my money and my clickanerd was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I will refer them to everyone and anyone that needs computer assistance.
01/10/2009, 01:53 AM   I brought my computer to Shawn and all my yahoo messages were gone. He was able to recover everything that it was lost. Trully outstanding job. Profesionalism to the best. Thanks Shawn!!!
01/08/2009, 06:47 AM   I had a local person who would help me out but thougt about trying \"clickanerd\" as had been told to me by several people. Went to my yellow pages and called the number listed. I cant tell you enough of my experience, the pleasant person I dealt with (Ray)was such a pleasure. If I have future problems I will call again, but I want to deal with \"Ray\". I am one of those older citizens who tire of dealing with different people every time I call in, I want to deal with people I have dealt with before, again I will want to deal with \"Ray\" who was so pleasant. I cant say enough about the assistance he has given me, about his pleasant nature and kindness. \"Ray\" was extremely helpfull!
01/06/2009, 00:06 AM   Ray was excellent and fixed the problem in hardly no time at all. H
01/03/2009, 06:54 AM   I had a nasty virus and my pc was barely usable. It did take a couple of hours for a nerd to contact me, but other than that the service was excellent. Very convenient to have my machine serviced without leaving my desk. The nerd Shawn immediately recognized and identified the issue when he took over my computer remotely. He really knew what he was doing and in my case there was a lot to do.
01/02/2009, 03:10 AM   HIGHLY RECOMMEND RICH - I spent 15 hours of my own time trying to clean up my computer from an infection. Rich was very professional and more importantly in this situation, confident that he could correct the problem. While I was at my mothers for New Years dinner, he took care of the whole problem. My only regret is not finding and using this service sooner. Reasonable rates - Best money I spent this holiday season. Thanks!
12/31/2008, 00:43 AM   Jason was awesome. He worked with me for hours getting my computer up and running again. I think it is running better than it did when I first got it. Anyway...thanks again Jason, I really appriciate all the time and effort you put in to getting me up an running again. My teenagers will too when they are trying to download songs to there ipods or whatever it is they do.
12/27/2008, 00:07 AM   Shawn and Rich provided awesome service. Rich ended up on the phone with me for over 3 hours trying to fix the mess a virus left and he was very courteous and professional. He really went the extra mile and I am grateful! They do not charge outrageous fees, and it is very convenient to NOT have to drag the CPU to a store. I would highly recommend Clickanerd to anyone with computer problems, and they are the only people I will ever use! Thank you, VERY much! :)
12/20/2008, 01:53 AM   I was at my wits end, when I happened upon \"\" and thought Id give it a try. I really didnt have anything to lose. So, I went online and was greeted by the most WONDERFUL \"Nerd\" in the world. I had tried everything on my own for several hours and called a few places in town and no one could give me a straight answer about how much, what was wrong, what to do, etc. Dell wouldnt even talk to me until they had \\$50 + tax! So I tried I cant say enough wonderful things about them. They WILL try ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get you and your computer back to \"new\". I would recommend this website and these \"nerds\" to EVERYONE. THEY ARE THE BEST.
12/19/2008, 02:10 AM   I had the Antivirus 2010 this evening. Ray promptly identified it and resolved it. He was very professional and also advised me to use Nerd Scan to scan my computer.
12/07/2008, 06:20 AM   Once again, clickanerd comes through. We have used your service three times this year on different computers for different problems. I must say, it has been quite a pleasant experience. I think our IT (at Ford Motor Company) could take some lessons from you! Keep up the good work, John.
11/14/2008, 01:56 AM   Jon was awsome. Even though fixing my computer took way longer than he originally thought, he was patient and super professional. I am so glad I called clickanerd, and will use them whenever I have computer problems in the future.
11/10/2008, 03:58 AM   Brandon thank you so much!!! It is simply amazing what you all can do. Thanks Again Donna
10/14/2008, 06:34 AM   Love clickanerds - always fast, good reliable and best best best of all - SPEAK ENGLISH!! Much rather pay someone that i can understand than someone i cant!! use all the time at my work always wonderful results THANK U GUYS!!!!!!!!
10/03/2008, 03:02 AM   My five year old home computer was so filled with crap it had slowed to a low crawl through wet concrete. I heard about Clickanerd through a friend. Today, Ray spent about two hours cleaning the machine. After he finished, it was operating faster than when it was new. I own 14 computers/workstations and two servers. From now on, you will be getting my work. Texasphotographer
09/30/2008, 03:32 AM   John was great. He worked on my computer for the better part of 2 days and got it up and running again. I really believed we were going to have to buy a new one but with his knowledge and persistence, it looks like it will live to see another day. Was actually pretty fascinating to watch him working on it from a remote location. Will recommend clickanerd to anyone who needs computer help. I hope it will not be me-though I now know who to call. Thanks for everything
09/29/2008, 06:29 AM   Rich and John were terrific. We had the mother of all viruses - about 6 of them that all dumped at the same time. These guys stuck with it for a couple of days until we were completely cleaned up. Clickanerd is tops in my book.
09/28/2008, 03:49 AM   I messed up my roomates computer, Rich helped me out. thanx. Im sure my roomate will appreciate it. I was really impressed with the customer service. I wish I had the computer savvy of Rich and the whole team there at clickanerd. You guys totally rock!
09/28/2008, 03:37 AM   Well my computer was in the soup again. This time it was Rich who helped me. Big KUDOS!!! and a job well done :) Thanks bunches for your help. 5 stars.
09/19/2008, 05:25 AM   I have been having major problems with my computer. Ray has been the best tech I have ever delt with. Beside knowing everything he was friendly, great personality and went above and beyond. I would and will refer clickanerd to everyone I know that has a problem with their computer. Ray thanks again Gayle
09/08/2008, 03:30 AM   This company is absolutely amazing. Many have perished in the battle against my computer, but Shawn has remained resilient. His patients and expertise is unsurpassed. At the point when I would have been putting a sledgehammber through my hard drive, he was calm and collected. If my computer could have just been replaced, believe me, I would have much rather gone that route, but it contains important files and folders that cant be lost, and no one understood that more than Shawn. And the cost was outrageously reasonable. The fact that they give you a price upfront of what they will charge, rather than charging hourly tells you that they arent going to \"doddle\" and waste time while your bill racks up. They are just as eager to get you back on track as you are. I could have easily wasted a couple thousand dollars with another company. I almost feel like I ripped off, with how great their service is for the price. And no matter how many stupid questions I asked, or how many times I called on him to help me, Shawn was always more than willing to assist. And their 7 day warranty is a life saver. If I am to encounter any other problems, no matter what the reason, for an entire week after they fix anything, they jump right back on it without charging me another penny. I couldnt have lucked out more. Im more than satisfied with the care and caution which was taken with my computer, and the diligence of all the technicians who took part in my problem. Rich stayed on it one night until 12:45 AM. and the following week, I had assistance from Raymond, who even though he wasnt going to get a penny of commission, was obliged to meet my needs. This company is one in a million, and I wouldnt go anywhere else for computer related issues.
09/05/2008, 03:49 AM   I was given the reference to clickanerd from my brother, who knows much more about computers than me. My experience was excellent. The technician (Rich) provided exceptional service and the results are impressive. My computer is now working like new. I would definitely use them again and refer them to friends.
09/02/2008, 05:38 AM   I would like to say that we were really impresseed with the service that we received. Out technician for efficient, very thorough and he explained everything is a timely manner. What impressed me the most is the attention that was paid to detail and the time that he took to explain everything to me as to where I understood. Yes I am very computer literate, but other than that I dont know anything as far as how to fix anything about a computer. If I ever have any other problems or viruses I will utilize their service again and i recommend the service to everyone because I know that they will be just as impressed as we were
09/02/2008, 02:40 AM   I had a very friendly, knowledgeable, tech. It took a while to repair my computer, but he got the job done. I will refer your business to others. I also liked the fact, that, I was at home and didnt have to send in my computer!!! Thank again Carla
08/28/2008, 06:39 AM   I had the experience of working with the guys on 8/26. We were having real problems even being able to download so they could connect with me. I have some horrible hook type virus. We spent 3 hours with him trying everything he knew. He said that he even had 6 of the techs helping! Unfortunately, we couldnt resolve the issue for them to get in to repair. I talked to one of the bosses and he worked with me to ship in my hard drive to retrieve my data. The cost quoted was reasonable and I couldnt believe you really dont have to pay upfront...even tho the site says so, most places dont follow thru on it..theres always a catch! But not with clickanerd!! I wasnt even charged for the 3 hours they worked with me! I have to say that I appreciated not being treated like an idiot...which is standard with a lot of techies. I am soooo impressed Ive been telling all my work buddies and friends that they should remember them when they have problems. Ive even recommended them to our own tech person here at work! Its great to really get a good level of service nowdays. And dealing with pleasant techs is a real novelty! I will return again (hopefully I wont have to!!)should I ever have problems. Good work guys! I appreciate your expertise, your professionalism and your commitment to great customer service and satisfaction.
08/22/2008, 07:05 AM   I believe i need to thank Bill. I think that is his name. He did a wonderfull job. hope i will not need your service again any time soon but would not hestitate to use you. thanks for your great service Nancy
08/21/2008, 05:47 AM   WOW! I didnt know this level of customer service existed anymore!! I was very, very impressed with the way that I was always called back in a timely manner, and if they said they would call at a certain time, thats exactly when they called!! I worked with Rich, who was great. He was very curteous and understanding. He removed a virus from my computer and got me up and running again. I was also experiencing some high speed cable problems and he was very patient when I lost internet service several times while he was fixing the computer. He had installed cable before and was even able to help me with my cable problems, too!! He figured out that I had some things hooked up wrong \u0026 they are now fixed thanks to him. I am highly impressed with my first experience with Clickanerd and I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family. This service is perfect for anyone who does not want a stranger in their house and/or does not have the time or energy to lug their computer to a shop. Thanks, Rich!! I give you guys an A+++++++++++!!
08/18/2008, 04:15 AM   My call for help was ansered in minutes. John took out several serious problems and got my computer running great. He was very courtious and helpful with my questions. I will recommend him to anyone that needs help.
08/12/2008, 04:35 AM   My nerd was the best. My machine was fixed in more than a timely matter, and my payment arrangement was done so I could handle it and with understanding. I am very pleased that they warrentied the work, I just could not contact my nerd later for an issue that came up later in the week, so I still have one minor glitch, but my virus is gone and my computer is running at its prime. The guy was brilliant and fast. I have never seen a virus-terminating company as reliable as these guys at such a reasonable price.
08/11/2008, 02:53 AM   Rich did a great job removing a virus from my laptop and restoring it to its original speed. He is also very personable. I will request him if I need assistance in the future. Thanks Rich!!
08/10/2008, 06:33 AM   John is a wizard. I watched him work for nearly three hours straight. He flipped bits and files faster than I could read. At one point he started deleting the bad guys and when something wouldnt budge he would drag it into a little computer closet and blast it. John always wins. I thank you for the service and the entertainment.
08/05/2008, 07:07 AM   Shawn did a wonderful job fixing my computer in a timely manor...the pricing was very reasonable I will recomend them to any friend that comes along a pc problem!!!
08/05/2008, 07:06 AM   Raymond did a great job in riding my PC of a virus \u0026 fixing my registry errors
08/04/2008, 06:19 AM   I cannot say enough about the service received from John - on a Sunday afternoon!! I thought my kids had downloaded an unreversable worm as my computer was completely inoperable. With no computer service stores in our rural area, I went to the yellow pages, found ClickaNerd and figured I had nothing to loose. I cannot say THANK YOU enough. John was GREAT. He was professional, kind \u0026 patient with someone who is not a computer nerd!!!! Thanks again John - word of mouth is the best advertising \u0026 mine is singing your praises to anyone who will listen!
08/02/2008, 01:47 AM   I cant say thank you enough. Rich was very professional, friendly, helpful... all the things you no longer see in customer service. Anyone who needs professional help with your PC,Clickanerd cant be topped!
08/01/2008, 03:23 AM   WOW!! This evening, I used Clickanerd for the first time. I was leary of using the services but with an infected computer I knew I didnt have much to lose. John worked diligently on resolving the problem. It took a bit longer than expected but John kept me informed of the situation. My computer is alive and kicking again thanks to John and Clickanerd!! I cant thank you enough! I will not hesitate to recommend Clickanerd to anyone needing computer repair. The customer service is outstanding! John, thanks again!!!
07/30/2008, 01:34 AM   I want to thank Rich so much for fixing my virus problem. He was helpful and polite and answered all my questions. I will definitely return if I hav anymore problems. Thanks, Dede
07/22/2008, 06:17 AM   When I called it was the best thing ive done. Rich was a BIG BIG BIG HELP!! Rich was fast and very helpful. He was easy to talk to. He didnt treat me like I was smart or stupid. Rich treated me as a person in need of help. He was very kind and helped me through my problem. When he said he was going to call me back at a certain time he was right on time. Rich is the BEST. Thank You SO VERY MUCH RICH!! I recommend to anybody in need of real help. It will be well worth the time and money. Just ask for RICH his your \"main man\". THANK YOU JENNIFER POWELL
07/16/2008, 01:34 AM   It was a pleasure doing business with click a nerd. My nerd was Rich and he was very knowledgable and patient with explanations about the problems with my computer. I will defintiely use this service again. Keep up the good service. Thanks JT
07/13/2008, 07:43 AM   My computer was in such bad shape I didnt even want to set down and turn it on. Nothing was working correctly and it took FOREVER to get anywhere!!! I found clickanerd in the yellow pages and called. Rich called me back about five minutes after I turned in a work order. I work on a computer all day long at work, but know nothing about how they work and all the bad things that happen to them. Mine was full of \"bad things\" and Rich took them all out in a few hours. I am so thankful I contacted clickanerd! It is so much better than having to take the computer out of town and leave it somewhere to be repaired. I can now turn my computer on and go exactly where I want to in record time - thanks to Rich!!! He also added the protection I need on the computer so hopefully this will not happen again!!! Many, many thanks Rich!
07/12/2008, 05:00 AM   raymond was awesome!! i know nothing about computers and he did a great job fixing mine and explaining to me what was wrong and how to avoid messing it up again. he was very patient and explained things to me in a way that i could understand. very professional and friendly. thanks raymond.
07/11/2008, 01:55 AM   rick was very professional and courteous,he knew how to fix my problem and me up and running in a little over an hour. I would use him again
07/09/2008, 02:47 AM   CAN goes above and beyond .... again! Kudos to Shawn an Rory. If the Congress of the USA were this ethical and efficient we would all be better off! SHAWN FOR SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!
07/03/2008, 04:00 AM   Clickcanerd ROCKS. I am recommending clickanerd to all my business partners and friends. It is like anything else, when you like it you tell everyone and that is what I am going to do. Great job and extrememly easy to work with. Ask for Raymond he did an awesome job for me
06/28/2008, 04:37 AM   All I can say is GREAT JOB! Rich identified the problem immediately (virtumonde) and talked me through the whole process as he fixed my computer and recommended preventive measures to take to prevent a future reinfection. Id recommend ClickAGeek to anyone with a problem!!
06/23/2008, 07:21 AM   Rich was great; I am not very technical when it comes to my computer; he knew exactly what to do; he had answers before I knew the questions; if you are in over your head, Rich can help; he is not only knowledgable but very patient and understanding too. The best part is he stands by his work.
06/18/2008, 01:10 AM   Awesome Job! Thanks so much! Very fast, proficient and professional. Be sure to call him if you need anything computer related!
06/16/2008, 06:35 AM   Roy helped me when I downloaded a very annoying Trojan horse. He was fast and friendly, and now my computers running great. Thanks so much!
06/14/2008, 02:03 AM   Did a great job. Great service! Very thorough and professional.
06/12/2008, 05:40 AM   I am a married, full-time parent. I know how to use a computer but any problems that come up are out of my range of computer knowledge. Trust is a major issue when choosing someone to help me with my computer because of the information contained. I found clickanerd in the yellow pages late at night. i explained my problem. Rich was my tech and he fixed the problem, taught me a few things and the whole time was patient and considerate. at no time did i feel as though he were being condescending because of my lack of knowledge. he was always respectfuland i was very comfortable talking with him and listening to him. i cannot express fully how much i appreciate not just his help, but the manner his help was delivered. Thank you
06/11/2008, 02:29 AM   I had the pleasure of working with Raymond, this guy is hands down the best person to work with, the hole time we were tring to figure out my problems he was very curtious and patient with me, while I conducted business for the day. He will be recommended to any one I know that has a computer problem.
06/11/2008, 01:55 AM   I was having a sound problems, and the great Ray solved the issue, plus taught me some clean up techniques. He was patient, knowledgeable and I would recommend Ray and his company to friends. Thanks for keeping my computer going and going.
06/10/2008, 07:37 AM   What could I say!!!!!Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Richard is \"DA MAN\". Not only did he take care of the problem I was dealing with, UH, but he actually talked me through it and made me understand wat my laptop was going through. He is \"GREAT\" at what he does, hands down. I will recommend him to anyone who has a problem with their computer no doubt about it. Again Thank You very much Richard much appreciated. James Y
06/08/2008, 06:20 AM   rich made my computer healthy again. im very happy with the service and results!
06/06/2008, 07:01 AM   Highly recomend this service. Rich very professional and friendly. He even had a few tips for World of Warcraft. My computer is running better than new and NOOOO POP-UPS!!!!!
06/04/2008, 04:31 AM   John did an excellent job with my computer. It is working like a brand new machine!!! Thanks!!!
06/03/2008, 07:50 AM   We have several computers in our home, many laptops for our childrens use for homework and such, plus the \"main\" desktop computer where all printing is done. Suffice it to say that when we started getting pop-ups and virus warnings, it wasnt good. To be honest, I had called Geek Squad first because they have a shop locally. We had used them once prior for some other computer issues. When they didnt show up for the appointment, and told me their next available appointment wasnt for another ten days, we got a bit angry. So, I looked in the yellow pages and found an add for Click a Nerd. I called, left a message and within an hour someone called back. He made an \"appointment\" with me for the next morning to repair our problems over the net. He not only called promptly at ten, my time, he spent about three hours working constantly to repair our problems. I guess I dont have to become too effusive in my praise for John, our technician, considering I am able to fill out this rating form without nasty little pop-ups and warning sirens going off ever five seconds. John was professional and quite courteous in his phone calls to me, and his ability in ridding my computer of viruses was absolutely stellar. I gladly will recommend Click a Nerd over Geek Squad any day of the week.
06/03/2008, 01:13 AM   Roy was extremely personable, friendly and knowledgeable! His information he offered was very helpful. I couldnt have asked for better performance and results. Thanks, Roy, for a job well done!!
06/02/2008, 04:35 AM   Prompt return of initial contact, and cooperation throughout. AND, the computer flies! Very happy and would highly recommend the service.
06/01/2008, 06:33 AM   I recently made the mistake of relying on my ISPs security suite (at there insistance) I was getting stock updates when I noticed that someone else was moving my screen around, closing windows and had joint control over my system. (Not good!) I ran for cover - I dumped the ISP Program, grabbed AVG -- to little too late. I attempted to resolve my own issues, and after 2 days of frustration, I took a chance with a blind call to \"ClickANerd\". I was pleasantly surprised. Brandon, returned my call within 10 minutes of entering a workorder. After a breif summary of my issues, Brandon went straight to work and within 40 minutes from start to finish and I had my system back and running like new! I didnt have to wait on a tech to come to my home (a stranger), I didnt have to schlep my tower into town bettween family, kids, work and Life. I didnt have to wait the entire weekend to get the situation resolved. I thought, Boy! This is gonna set me back. I was WRONG -- their services are not a budget breaker, they even accept Paypal so you dont have to use a credit card and then have a bill at the end of the month. I was so pleased, and I am hard to impress. I am not only going to educate everyone I know but I am going to list them on my website as well. This is praise well deserved. They listen, they are courteous, they are well spoken and easy to understand, they are timely and reasonablly priced. 10 Stars!
05/31/2008, 07:49 AM   Rich was excellent. Very knowledgable and friendly. Would definitely recommend him to others.
05/31/2008, 02:32 AM   Brandon did a great job and i am very impressed with their work.. since I got hit by a new virus, spyware, malware.. I would recommend you to use them.. since they re soo good and affordable than other places
05/31/2008, 02:00 AM   these guys r great he was very understanding of my situation
05/30/2008, 04:42 AM   I had a nasty virus infect our business computer that caused me a lot of stress! I called the local computer repair places and was told it would be next week or longer before someone could come out and have a look at our problem. I remembered hearing a commercial about and also found them in the phone book. I submitted a workorder online and within a few minutes receieved a phone call from a technician, Brandon. He was very friendly and outwardly confident he knew what the problem was, told me what he would have to do to fix it and followed through to the last detail. As a consumer and a business owner I know that true customer service is a dying breed, but not from this company or Brandon! I would recommend this service to everyone with the slightest computer problem.
05/28/2008, 06:51 AM   I found clickanerd in my phone book and I`m so happy I did.After my initial phone call the response back was very quick. Raymond my technician was awesome, he cleaned up my system and got rid of a very, very, nasty virus.He spent a lot of time working on my problems and was a delightful person to work with.He gave me tips on keeping my system running smoothly as well.I highly recommend their service. Thank you so much, Jennifer
05/28/2008, 05:37 AM   Found clickanerd phone # in yellow pages and logged in and asked for them to call back and almost instantly, Rich called back. He was very, very helpful and knowledgable and patient. He got rid of our virus and helped us with logging on so that this (hopefully) wont happen again! We are very pleased and will call them again with our computer problems!
05/27/2008, 07:08 AM   When I mistakenly installed software from this online antivirus problem-solving organization, Clickanerd staff were courteous and helpful in rescuing me from my own errors. Best rating for Shawn, who walked me through the process and explained everything very well.
05/25/2008, 04:36 AM   I will be raving about this company for some time to come. The \"nerds\" have earned my business for as long as I own a computer. My particular nerd, Rich, was very courteous, extremely knowledgeable, and worked quickly. The time that I saved was well worth the fee. If and when I call back, I will ask for Rich, as he has such a personal working relationship with the most private areas of my computer!!! Thanks for everything and have a great holiday.
05/23/2008, 05:45 AM   Thanks Rick for fixing my computer in my house. I didn,t have to un-hook all my wires and drag this pc to a repair shop. You save me a lot of time and you were very good and helpful to me.Ill pass your web site on when someone else is in trouble or just need there system cleaned up. Thanks again from Ohio..
05/22/2008, 07:38 AM   Ray worked very hard to get my 2200 to print, and tried a number of approaches and workarounds. In the end, he could not fix it, and said that because of that, he would not charge me. I thought that was very fair and told him the next time I have a problem, I would NOT try his company again, as I cannot now use either printer, and cannot get clickanerd off my screen. E.M. Raasch
05/22/2008, 07:24 AM   I want to take a moment and let everyone know that I just had my first experience with ClickaNerd -- it was fantastic!! I had a brand new laptop that I could get no connection to the internet with, and the technician (Rich) was so helpful and had a vast knowledge that made the solution quick and easy...since I work from home and every minute counts -- I am very happy with the results. Thanks ClickaNerd!!
05/22/2008, 03:34 AM   This is a great service for anyone who is unfamiliar with technology and the wonderful/horrible things it can do. Within a matter of a couple of hours, my computer is fixed and I didnt even have to leave the house.
05/15/2008, 05:50 AM   The service was great and our technician was very helpful and knowledgeable.
05/14/2008, 04:28 AM   My past experiences have been localy with my computer being down for a few days and having to reload my favorites etc when I did get it back. Was skeptical but called and they said I did not have to pay if I was not happy.. Downloaded a few things. They gave a price and said a couple of hours. Well they took over and now it works great. Especialy like the removal tools they left with me. there easy to use and give me added peace of mind. Got SHAUN and he was very professional even to the point of staying longer dealing with a problem when I know he wanted to be at home watching american idol. Very good guys.....AAA+++
05/13/2008, 03:47 AM   I ran across their long distance number in my local phone book. This was shortly after calling three people out of my rolodex that had provided tech services for my small home based business in the past and finding that all three numbers were no longer in service. I called the nerds on an impulse to see what they could possibly mean by the ad copy that stated they were open 24/7 and could repair my computer through the internet. I was directed to their web site and encouraged to enter a quick work order that would not obligate me to pay. I stated the problem I was having (slow, slow ,slow) and when I clicked in the order, was presented a screen telling me I would receive a call in moments. I did. The tech that called discussed the problem I was having and asked permission for remote access which was granted. He was able to riff through my settings and configurations and indicated that he thought he had identified the problem, estimated the time he thought it would take to resolve it and quoted me an estimate - with a GUARANTEE that I would owe nothing if they failed to resolve my problem. Agreed immediately. I suspect the problem I had went significantly deeper than originally estimated. The first session lasted 2-3 hours. I received a call the next morning on time from a different techie. He took over and worked the problem for another 5-6 hours. I received a call from a third technician upon the completion of all repairs who introduced himself and stated that he had been called in to clean up some difficult registry errors which had taken an additional hour. These guys teamed up on my problem, spent 9-10 real time hours digging out a virus and some registry corruption issues and several other things I dont understand I am sure-and still only charged me th
05/12/2008, 07:24 AM   After being bitten a few times on the internet and only believeing 10% of what I read I was very skeptical(as we all should) about contacting someone online. I am still skeptical but not of Clickanerd. Rich spent over ten, yes 10 hours trying to get this new bug out of my computer. Bottom line I dont know squat about a computer, just enough to get me and my PC deeper in trouble. Not that I want another problem, but if I do Im all over these guys and will tell a few of my techno-challenged friends. Everybody I talked with was extremely supportive and willng to spend what ever it took to clean things up. Thanks again Rich
05/12/2008, 05:21 AM   Brandon was JUST great! Its obvious that hes a very knowledgeable and smart kid, and Im from the Selectric typewriter age --but he was as patient and kind as if he were working with his own grandmother! Was part of customer service in the Hawaii travel industry so know the importance of \"patient and kind \" -- I definitely would have hired Brandon! Thank you for employing Brandon -- hes an asset to your group of nerds!
05/10/2008, 05:28 AM   I was really skeptical of this when i first seen the number in the phone book and after i called and got in touch with rich i was extremly happy i was able to get my problem fixed so quickly and even on a weekend i just wanted to thank you so much for helping me
05/05/2008, 05:06 AM   I would have given a glowing review...except. I am disolusioned that my wireless connection to my laptop has gone kapote, and They wiped off my anti-virus software. But gee... my computer sure runs fast now.
05/03/2008, 01:49 AM   I do not know much about computers, and I had a huge problem with Windows Vista. Microsoft Support was a joke as always. I saw the block ad for Clickanerd in the phone book. I am so glad I called. John was great. He was so patient and understanding during the long process. He expained every question I had. I give Clickanerd the five stars above and more. Thank you so much.
05/01/2008, 06:25 AM   My original contact with Sean was very reassuring. He was extremely helpful and courteous. When Bill arrived on the scene, he was just stupendous. So helpful and I feel went beyond the call of duty by following through with the details.
04/24/2008, 07:00 AM   my experiance with this site was excellent, my rep. was positive and plesent, i would use this site again, there prices are comparable to most remote repair utilities. thanks again to my rep.
04/20/2008, 05:35 AM   Ray was very knowledgable and was able to fix my mess in no time. Thanks to him I am up and running again.
04/19/2008, 02:26 AM   My story is very sad. I went on the internet to play pogo and all of a sudden my computer became infected with a red background and a blinking beast. My neighbor told me about clickanerd. I was skeptical at first but ryan made me feel at ease. He had me download some remote control program and took over. I really mean he took over. I watched in amazement as my cursor took on a life of its own and within the hour I had a brand new computer. I am sold! Whenever the subject of computer trouble comes up from now on, I will be sure to tell of my experience. What a wonderful service you guys and gals at clickanerd!
04/18/2008, 04:32 AM   I was very satisfied with the work done and it took less then a day. if i ever need another repair job done i would go back there and i recomend it.
04/18/2008, 02:42 AM   Finding someone you trust to fix your computer is scary, ClickaNerd were very professional, curteous, and honest. Will reccomend to all my friends.
04/14/2008, 04:49 AM   Brandon worked on my office computer network and was wonderful. He was able to combat any difficulties in a very professional manner. He had the patience of a saint. I would highly recommend him to anyone. They would be lucky to have such a wonderful person work on their machines. Thanks!
04/10/2008, 04:03 AM   Raymond took all the time he needed to competently clear up the problem I was having with my PC. He was patient with my questions. He responded to all of my questions with answers I could understand. He is knowledgeable and friendly. It was a pleasure to work together with him to reach a positive conclusion.
04/08/2008, 04:39 AM   I had already used Clickanerd in the past so when the computer my son uses got a virus, I immediately contacted Clickanerd and once again, amazing results! I will always contact Clickanerd for any of my computer needs. You dont have to take your computer anywhere and leave it there for weeks which I love! And you can sit and watch what the tech is doing if you so choose. What an awesome service!!!!! I will definitely tell everybody I know about Clickanerd! Thanks Bill!!
04/07/2008, 04:13 AM   Clickanerd is what I say!!!!! When I was down and out and my pc went in to a tail spin, I got ahold of justin and was up in a flash. I did not take it in, no one came over. I simply pushed a botton and invited my nerd on to my computer. I fact, I ran out to Walmart and bought groceries and came back with a cute little note on my computer thanking me!!!! Justin all you missed was a mint on my pillow. Thanks Clickanerd!!!!!
04/04/2008, 02:52 AM   Raymond and Chris stuck with me through a long process of getting my PC fixed. I am not very computer savy. They never made me feel like an idiot, which I am sure they probably thought it. haha My 4 year old pc is faster than when it was brand new. Thanks so much Click a Nerd. Shelia
04/03/2008, 01:01 AM   this was an easy and great experiance. Jon did a great job and I was extreamly pleased. I will reccomend this to all my computer friends
04/02/2008, 04:13 AM   Hey Shawn, nice job! I brought my laptop to besstbuy and they said the hard drive was fried. My tour in Iraq was on it; pics etc. Arnold and I thank you for getting our stuff back. is our company from now on.
03/31/2008, 06:55 AM   I am not a computer person and I can usually mess up on things. My comuter was so messed up, that I didnt have a screen. I didnt know what to do, so my wife looked in the yellow pages in the phone book and I picked ClickaNerd. I called and left a message. A very short time later, I was contacted and I told what my problem was. I was called back a few minutes later by a tech named John. John was very professional and helpful and patient with me. Like I said, my computer was really messed up. It took him a while to fix it, but it was worth it to me to get this thing going again. I really appreciated the help from John and really own him and the company my hugh thanks.
03/31/2008, 02:08 AM   To whom it may concern: I have had a serious problem with my computer for several days. I am taking a course in Medical Transcription on-line and was in a panic--looked through the yellow pages and found clickanerd. Brandon was a God send to me this day. He was very patient with me and talked me through every step--after he took over remote control of my computer it was amazing to watch him work--he was absolutely great. He was very kind, courteous and concerned with my computer problem. I advised him that he now had a life long customer for any computer problems I may have in the future. If all your techs are as good as Brandon, you must have an excellent business. Again, Brandon deserves a big pat on his back and a contratulations from his highter ups. He is amazing. Thank you! Deborah Houston
03/28/2008, 04:32 AM   To whom it may concern, I wish to express my appreciation for Brandons efforts on behalf of click a He was very professional and very competent. I would not hesitate to use the company again or give them a referral.----Thank you, Jonathon
03/27/2008, 02:58 AM   Fast, professional service! Brandon is very efficient. He knew how to fix my pc problems and was very helpful. I recommend this service highly.
03/26/2008, 04:11 AM   to all whom it may concern i know sean personally and got to know his crew of experts at ClickaNerd and i would recomend them to anyone without any hesitation. they are fast, friendly and very concerned with any problems that one may encounter with ones computer problems. they treat you with the utmost respect to meet all of your needs. many thanks to sean and his crew for a job well done. i give computernerds a five star rating. wayne deaver texas
03/26/2008, 03:28 AM   Gotta Love them nerds. Justin was the perfect nerd. He zeroed in on my virus and had me up in less than an hour. I think the whole idea of online computer repair is just awsome. I did not have to leave my house, i did not have to wait for a technicin to arrive. All I did is wattch everything on my computer screen. Justin also showed me how to avoid problems on myspace. Thanks justin.
03/14/2008, 07:19 AM   A wonderful experience.: We were very happy with the manner in which the computer work was done. The ClickaNerd acted in a professional manner at all times. They completed the work in record time, having it ready to go at the time they said they would and we couldnt have asked for a better time in and out timeframe. The place of business was very clean and organizied. I have been trying to contact them since yesterday and today, but have not been able to talk to anyone. The only thing I would like to see change would be the follow-up contact.
03/13/2008, 02:31 AM   brandon did a great job! DO NOT be chased off by the \\$. you dont have 2 take your computer anywhere,less than 2 hours,its repaired! you get what you pay for. excellent!
03/12/2008, 06:49 AM   branden was very helpful and professional. nice job branden
03/12/2008, 02:25 AM   Thanks Raymond, professional service- good information and help
03/09/2008, 03:14 AM   Ijust wanted to say I am truly happy with Jon and Rory for their great work today on fixing my computer problem.....Rory was a terrific help and was also keeping me informed of the progress..... To you both Rory and Jon i thank you and hope you have a great day....Ruth
03/07/2008, 03:49 AM   Computer crashed, called Roy, Computers good as new! Thanks, Will recommend to friends.
03/04/2008, 05:19 AM   Brandon is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Helped us fix 2 computers in a short amount of time!!!! Love him!!!!!
03/04/2008, 04:50 AM   Wow...these guys spent hours with me. Had some major program conflicts and it took us many hours to work it all out, but Im back up and running, just as fast as if my PC were new. Raymond was my nerd and Shawn was also my secondary nerd. Id recommend either of them. Very friendly, down to earth folks here and all for the right price! :) CLICKANERD ROCKS!!
02/18/2008, 01:03 AM   Perfect! My nerd was polite efficiant and charming and accomadating. I would recommend Raymond to any one and everyone who wants a good nerd. Nothing left undone very thourough and totally satisfactory. Perfect I say Perfect! If i nedd help with my computer in the future i will definatly ues clickanerd again. Is there any way i can request raymond again?
02/12/2008, 00:56 AM   Sean from Clickanerd was a great help and lifesaver in fixing my computer problems. I work on a ship and he was able to work on my time schedule that I had to get ashore. There isnt much to do out here and Id be lost if my computer was down. He made sure that didnt happen. Would highly recommend and would use them again! Thanks Sean.
02/08/2008, 03:42 AM   Brandon Jackson ROCKS!!!! I am not a computer wizzard so I was a little stressed when my unit decided to take a vacation.... Brandon was assigned to help me and I was amazed at how well he handles non teckie people(like ME)! He was very helpful and patient he explained everything in normal terms and best of all... he fixed my computer!!!!!! This is how all customer service should be. Your an ANGEL! THANKS!!!!!
02/04/2008, 03:34 AM   I would have to say that a man by the name of William who worksfor is one of the friendliest people Ive encountered in a while. He was like talking to a good friend. And he was also very professional. He not only worked on my PC efficiently and fast he was teaching me things about my computer that I didnt know.WOW! I am very pleased with the service and would reccommmend him and to everyone. Thank you William for all your help! Lisa Bermudez
01/30/2008, 06:35 AM   I am extremely impressed and pleased with the service I received. Brandon Jackson went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did he spend half of the night fixing the problem, he also had several helpful suggestions for improving my computer. He was very friendly, patient, helpful, and knowledgeable and I couldnt have asked for a better experience. I will definitely be using this service if needed in the future!
01/29/2008, 06:34 AM   Well I must say I am impressed. Justin was a blessing! I went to my local geeksquad and was told to throw out my computer. They said my hard drive was dead. They said all my pics were gone. I sent in my hard drive to and they got back all of my pictures and my music and school work I was not to comfortable sending my hard drive from Kansas to Texas. This was one gamble that paid off with great results! Justin, thank you !
01/29/2008, 05:52 AM   Whoever invented the spywares should be shot. My daugter went onto the myspace and the pops went on my screen. This has never happed like this in the past. Nice job done by the clickanerd mechanics.
01/29/2008, 02:36 AM   Ok, So how do I get to MY system restore? How do I use the help and support on MY pc? How do I get the windows updates on MY pc? How do I remove all the \"stuff\" you have added to MY pc? So you say you fixed my computer, but you \"fixed\" other things as well. Why do you have nothing but 5 stars for your company? Do you really think you are that God? OH, Im sorry, that good....
01/28/2008, 01:07 AM   I must admit we were sceptics.....fix our computer remotely? I dont think so. Well, were believers now! This computer was one step away from the dump - it was so slow it took 15-20 min to get on line. After two hours with Rory, its better that it was when it was new and the entire experience was impressive - everyone we talked to was friendly, helpful and very professional. I would recommend clickanerd to anyone with a computer problem. Great to have you guys out there!
01/27/2008, 00:56 AM   Bill was terrific. The service was superior. I recommend the company without question.
01/24/2008, 00:34 AM   Hallelujah! Shawn and Justin got me up and running on the same day of my computer nightmare - at 3 p.m. I was dead in the water with no mouse function and clearly something very wrong. By 11 p.m. my computer was running better than the day I got it. I am so relieved that I did not have to hassle with bringing my computer in for service or wait for a service appointment. The best money I ever spent. Now I just wish they could show me how to untangle all of the cords behind my computer.
01/22/2008, 06:49 AM   Shawn, Okay I think everything is working fine. Thanks so much for helping me out quickly...I highly recomend this site! Oh yeah youre a pleasnt person too!!!!!! ALOHA TO YOU, ROBERTA....MAHALO!!!!!
01/16/2008, 04:57 AM   We were ready to scrap our computer and buy another, it was running like molasses in, well, January and every time we tried to surf wed be hijacked. Anyway, I found Clickanerd in the phone book and they were able to exorcise the viruses, malware, adware and whatever else was gumming up the machine. Thanks to Sean, Jon and guys rock!
01/10/2008, 04:48 AM   Today we used clickanerd to rid our computer of several viruses and spyware. A technician named Bill was very patient with this computer challenged woman. He called me several times and even let me run errands inbetween my phone calls. I would highly recommend this program to anyone. Thanks again
01/09/2008, 06:37 AM   Verrrrrry helpful. Fast, professional, and complete. I really like the remote technical service, too. It was easy to schedule and I didnt even have to be at the office. Thank you so much!
12/28/2007, 06:48 AM   Thanks to Shawn and his possee for a trouble-free CPU! Heres wishing all the Nerds the merriest Chrismas ever. May the God of all creation continue to bless them in the coming years. If you truly reap what you sow, they will have no problems in the coming years! Shawn got rid of my anti-virus and following his advice, I have not had one single problem with either of my computers in a year proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks! I heartily recommend the NERDS to everyone! Again, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
12/15/2007, 06:07 AM   The customer service was phenomenal!!!! I called with a computer problem and promptly had a call back from Shawn, who was professional, patient, and knowledgable. I had numerous system issues according to Shawn, I had a corrupted system registry which he navigated through like a pro. Not only did he fix the computer problem, he assisted to get my email set up with an account that was more efficient. All of this occured without taking my computer and leaving it with a stranger. Customer service is what I do for a living, and I must say that this service was excellent! Thanks Shawn for your attention to detail and to creating another happy customer! My computer is flying at warp speed!
12/11/2007, 06:18 AM   I give Bill a two thumbs up! It was a great experiance. I would advise this to all my friends. Whats nice about clickanerd is: they dont have a computer in the back room that they want to sell you. Shawn said I have a guy that can take care of you. And I promise he will fix it. Like a bull dog, Bill kept on attacking the virus and spy ware and killed it.And put the breathe of life back into my computer. Hes my hero. When he was done he was kind to go thru the computer and explained whats going on. And showed me how to maintain my computer better.Whats even better ( I made a friend.)
12/07/2007, 02:44 AM   WOW!!! THESE GUYS ARE GOOD! Before I called them, I hated dealing with computer tech support. I was sick of talking to someone halfway across the world or being passed up to the \"next level\" as one tech after the next couldnt solve the problem. Enter CLICKANERD. Many thanks to Bill, who was friendly and helpful, but I have to reserve the biggest kudos for Shawn who stuck with my problem for hours until he got it solved near midnight. Not only was he super knowledgeable in the mysterious ways of the (damn) computer, but frankly he was alot of fun to have on the phone. Along the way to solving the problem (computer wouldnt recognize iPod), Bill and Shawn discovered my security systems had been compromised which was wreaking all kinds of havoc on my computer. In just a few hours, my computer was running better than the day I bought it, my security system was beefed up, and my iPod now works. For all the work they did, their rates are incredibly reasonable, especially since they dont charge by the hour like alot of similar online companies do. GREAT SERVICE AT A GREAT PRICE! What more could I ask for? A zillion thanks!
12/02/2007, 00:07 AM   John literally spent three plus hours eliminating viruses/infections, deleting unnecessary items, and connecting a laptop to remotely print. My three kids are ecstatic about the speed in which their computer functions and if theyre happy, so am I!!! Thank you John for all you patients and your kind assistance. Im going to recommend you guys to everyone! Thanks again.
11/30/2007, 03:05 AM   Thank you Justin... We dont know what we would have done without you. My term paper was due on monday. Justin was able to controle my computer and remove a mall ware on a Sunday night. I am telling all of my friends at school about you.
11/29/2007, 05:02 AM   John was a real life savor. I had a very nasty infection on my computer and I could not get into my online banking. The nerds did their stuff and I was back online in short order. I have tried other online services and nothing compares to ClickaNerd.
11/29/2007, 03:51 AM   I was very impressed with the immediate response, quick problem resolution and follow up procedures. I was referred to ClickaNerd by several of my colleagues. 5 Stars
11/29/2007, 01:57 AM   Pete \"U DA MAN\" !!!!! I contracted the \"Malware Monitor\" and it did alot more than monitor. This little beatchh started sending me to all kinds of web sites. You guys need to give Pete more money. I coundt be happier with the service. You have my bizness for ever...
11/27/2007, 01:11 AM   Didnt like the price, but got results. First contact was unproductive, long and unpleasnt. Final session was productive and for the most part solved my problem. I would recomend the service
11/27/2007, 00:07 AM   Our unit was set to deploy and I had a last minute spyware problem on my lap top computer. I was at the Killeen airport on a WIFI connection and Brandon acquired desktop control and solved my problems before I got on the plane. This is the kind of customer service I am talking about. I want to extend a personal thank you to Brandon and I will most assuredly recommend ClickaNerd.
11/19/2007, 00:58 AM   John from Florida helped rid our computer of a very complex virus today. Through the entire process he was extremely helpful, professional, but most importantly patient. We would recommend this service to anyone with a computer problem. Thanks again for the great service John. :)
11/14/2007, 00:23 AM   Bill form FT Hood helped me today. Was skillful and efficient. Five stars Wylie Scott
11/13/2007, 06:39 AM   Im so glad I used Jon at ClickaNerd, my computer is working perfectly, Thanks so much.
11/13/2007, 06:10 AM   Bill was great helping me. He was patient and took me through the process and made sure I understood everything. I would recommend this service to anyone. Thanks bill for all your help. The lady in PA.
11/13/2007, 01:21 AM   Wow! Never have experienced such compassionate and knowledgable people like this before. Bill is to be commended for all his expertise in helping this very computer illiterate woman. He stayed on the phone with me and helped me through. He is a Great asset to your company. I will recommend you to everyone and will never use another again. Thanks Bill for all you do! Vicki in Oklahoma.
11/08/2007, 04:55 AM   Linda came on my computer and fixed everything in 30 minutes. They only charged me \\$45.00. I cant even get that at my local computer place. I wish I would have found her years ago. Lynn in Van Buren, Arkansas
11/06/2007, 03:45 AM   I own a business and have to say you guys were FANTASTIC!!! I had spent over 10 hours on the phone with Microsoft and you fixed their mistake in less than 2 hours. I will refer you to others in a heart beat. I have also contacted Microsoft to get compensated for what it cost to have you guys fix my computer. Other than finding my lost files, you guys also made my computer work faster which I greatly appreciate also. Your customer service and compassion to my issues were top notch. Thanks again!!!
11/05/2007, 04:31 AM   Shawn \u0026 Justin- Shawn was exceptional on executing his services to us. Shawn is prompt and treats customers with A+ service. Shawn must be commended for his sense of urgency and expertise. We will recommend again to anyone we know experiencing any problems with their computer. It is hard to find good people with top notch service and Shawn is DEFINITELY one of them!!!
10/31/2007, 03:25 AM   great,prompt service! Bill was outstanding and patient with an aggravating virus, was very helpful and courteous . Solved my problems with out fault..BILL GREAT JOB GUY !! You guys definately have my business as well as my fire departments. Again thanks. Scott in Louisiana
10/28/2007, 02:17 AM   Shawn was really great, he was very patient and informative with me. He cleaned up my computer and solved the problem along with Rich. Thank you all very much, I certainly recommend using this company .
10/24/2007, 01:08 AM   The best ever tech support Ive had. My computer was brought back to life after major crush on Sunday night, so I am back in business on Monday morning. Very professional service, great communications - highly recommended. Thank you Brandon and Shawn! sergei
10/21/2007, 06:48 AM   Shawn was just great.He told me things I never knew and fixed all my problems.I will definitely do business again.
10/21/2007, 03:10 AM   Shawn was very good at fixing my computer,very professionaland very personable I will defiinitely use him again
10/18/2007, 07:09 AM   I was having major computer virus/spyware problems and called Clickanerd. My computer tech, Bill, was simply amazing at getting me back on my feet. Bill explained everything he was doing to repair my computer and made me feel completely at ease. Bill even recommened tips I can use to help keep my computer safe and running smoothly. Cannot say enough good things about Bill and Clickanerd. Bill, thank you so much for all your help and should I encounter any other problems, I will be asking for you by name. Thanks again!!
10/10/2007, 02:56 AM   Thank you Justin for all your help with are computer. Justin was wounderful help he not only fixed our computer but helped use understand how the computer works now we feel like comptuer nerds. He was here at Marshalltown Ia on Oct 5 2007. Thank you clikanerd for your help.
10/05/2007, 04:20 AM   Shawn was great! I had a serious problem with my computer redirecting me to different web sites. The problem turned out to be somthing not typical and he had a speical software created to get rid of my hyjacking. Thanks a lot. My computer is running good now.
09/30/2007, 06:51 AM   Brandon rocks! Service was quick and very painless and my problem was resolved. Thanks!
09/30/2007, 06:48 AM   Shawn and Brandon went the extra mile to take care of the stubborn trojan and other spyware. Once they got started we knew that they would get it taken care of, and they did! Emily Julie John Thanks a lot
09/20/2007, 02:26 AM   Shawn was my tech. He was thorough, patient, quick on his feet, and a great problem solver. He took all the time that was needed to ensure my problem was completely resolved. Im grateful my computer was fixed relatively painlessly. Definitely worth the money. Thank you.
09/12/2007, 05:18 AM   Quick professional service, Rory was a delight to work with. My computer has not worked this well in months - - would recommend this service to anyone who is experiencing computer difficulty! Everything can be repaired without unhooking your complete system and being without a computer while in repair shop - which can take days ---- I am very pleased with the service provided.
09/12/2007, 01:52 AM   YOU NERDS ROCK!!!!! I didnt know what to do when that virus infected my computer. Roy knew exactly how to help me. He was fast and extremely knowledgeable. He fixed the problem in about an hour remotely through the internet. I did not have to take my CPU to a shop and wait for two weeks. I was back online so fast! Thanks, again, guys. I am recommending you to everyone I know. Do you handle clients abroad as well?
08/28/2007, 03:57 AM   Wow, great service. Fast, patient, and very knowledgable. Thanks Roy for all your help. I can get back to work now!! Paul T. from Toronto, Ontario
07/29/2007, 07:47 AM   I went to them and they fixed everything. even added some features that i didnt have on my computer before that were helpful for me. thanks ClickaNerd. yall are the best ever.
07/29/2007, 03:39 AM   I got my computer fix in less than 12 hours, very prfessional, Excellent. Thank you!!
07/24/2007, 02:48 AM   I now know two things... Call the company with the S and not the Z and when you call the one with the S - ask for Rory and he will fix what ails you!!!!!
07/23/2007, 03:48 AM   I own a gaming community and i went to ClickaNerd for some help , he rebuilt my system using a lian li case, 600 watt power supply, a dual pentium 42.8 ghtz,a p4m80 series mother board, i mean this thing runs like a witch on a broom stick in middle of a warp drive...Thanks Shawn........
07/02/2007, 04:40 AM   This guy can beat ripoffreports without giving Ed any money!
06/17/2007, 07:29 AM   excellent timly service and i had a comp that was rebooting every 1-3 mins and he found the problem and fixed it and very professional attitude
06/04/2007, 04:48 AM   i like the fact the rep did not stop until he fixed the problem. They care about the service and how pleased you are
06/01/2007, 05:22 AM   thank you for fixing the problem i am glad i didnt have to buy a new computer. you guys are very good. thank you i now have no more problems.
05/29/2007, 02:46 AM  
05/15/2007, 03:24 AM   I was amazed at how quick, and uncostly the repairs on my computer were. I would have paid double or triple the cost had I turned anywhere else. I am pleased to say that my computer is again running in tip-top condition.
05/13/2007, 06:00 AM   Take in service was fast, friendly, and very professional. Very happy with the expertise in which repair was handled.
05/13/2007, 04:12 AM   Bobby worked dilligently to resolve an issue that I had been trying to solve for weeks. All I had to do was sit back and watch. Highly recommended. I wish I called them two weeks ago. Thanks Bobby.
05/09/2007, 04:03 AM   I was very suprised at how fast the online repair was.....I am super happy
05/02/2007, 07:06 AM   Rory was extremely helpful and very courteous!
04/27/2007, 06:00 AM   I was so impressed with the speed and quailty of service I received. First with Shawn and then Rory. Rory was very knowledgable and took the time to give me pointers for in the future. I will recommend ClickaNerd to everyone I know! Thanks again!
04/25/2007, 02:38 AM   Bobby is wonderful, thank you, very much
04/13/2007, 02:43 AM   I have to say Shawn is the best, and I do mean best techninician I have worked with ever. He is knowladgable, personable, professional, intelligent...(I could go on). He had our network up and running with lightening speed. He even helped me try to solve a problem we have had with syncronizing our database (ACT 9.0) Echelon Oil \u0026 Gas will definately use ClickaNerd for all of our tech needs from now on. The entire process was painless. I hope that all of your tech persons are as good as Shawn. I want to personally thank you for hiring Shawn he was a ray of sunshine in my day.
04/12/2007, 07:26 AM   He was awesome with all help and got me unstuck with getting into my emails and web pages. Thank you SO much for your help and I will definitely being calling again if any further help is needed.
04/07/2007, 02:14 AM   Shawn did a fantastic job of solving my problem and cleaning up my computer. Very professional and personable! Will recommend to others.
03/30/2007, 04:23 AM   The guys are good at what they do!!! They are quick and informative. Because of them my computer is back to how it is suppose to be. I will recommend them to all my friends and family for their computer needs!!
03/26/2007, 02:08 AM   Shawn is almost as fast as my new computer. Solved all my problems, GREAT customer service and very knowledgeable!! If only we could clone him! Great service, great price- will definitely use them again!!
03/11/2007, 01:44 AM   Shawn was amazing. He listened and understood my problem completely. The computer system registry was all screwed up and he made it like brand new again. Im very happy. I wouldnt hesitate to call Shawn whenever I have a computer related problem. -Carrie-
03/11/2007, 01:34 AM   Bobby was great!!! I had a great experience and when I have more computer problems I will definately use them again
02/25/2007, 01:35 AM   everyone knows how frustrating losing your computer can be. shawn not only remedied my problem but saved me from having my hard drive crash which he was able to diagnose was about to happen. all was fixed in an efficient and professional manner. he is great! a life saver!
02/14/2007, 00:37 AM   I was getting seriously frustrated at my pc. Locking up, not responding, slow to navigate (using wireless internet), and my printer wouldnt function! Yikes! I called the nerds, and reached Shawn. He was friendly from the start and was helpful the entire way through the repair. The end result is my computer is now working FANTASTICALLY!!! I am very happy with his work and professionalism. I will definitely use him again when (not if) my computer decides to take a walk on the wild side! I give him a 5 star rating.
02/07/2007, 05:13 AM   ClickaNerd are AWESOME. Shawn is very friendly and extremely helpful. I have relied on him alot since my husband has been deployed and usually takes care of \"computer stuff\". Having the option of repairing my computer online, has been PRICELESS! Thanx ClickaNerd!!!
02/07/2007, 02:38 AM   these guys know their efficient and very smart....fixed all of the problems fast...updated everything and my laptop runs great. id recommend them to NASA!
01/28/2007, 02:41 AM   The hard drive in my computer fried after coming home from Iraq and Computer Ners (Shawn) replaced it and cleaned my entire system for a great price. I then needed help with a virus and he spent hours trying to figure it out and clean it out of my system. The help and service he provided was nothing less than outstanding. Thank you ClickaNerd!
01/26/2007, 02:57 AM   ClickaNerd had the lowest prices we found in town!our computer nerd went over and above in assisting us with the best options for our laptops! we are pcsing in a few weeks to missouri but we will still use ClickaNerd for our computer services! and thats a promise! i recommend them to all my friends and you have to be really really good for me to do that!!! my friends trust me and i want them to know they can trust ClickaNerd too! the prices and service are one of a kind! thanks so much!
01/09/2007, 04:45 AM   Very satisfied with ClickaNerd. My computer was repaired within 2 hours from when I initially called. This is my second time using them, and I will use them for my third.
01/09/2007, 02:16 AM   If you are in need of any sort of computer recovery/repair, I STRONGLY recommend Shawn at ClickaNerd in Killeen, TX. He is most professional and prompt with all your needs. His standard of service is of the highest standard. His knowledge is remarkable. You will NOT be disappointed. His prices are beyond fair. Look around and youll find yourself going back to ClickaNerd for all your computer needs.
11/21/2006, 02:12 AM   I greatly appreciate the assistance from ClickaNerd.
11/19/2006, 16:42 PM   Best deal in town\nI had a meltdown on my laptop. The power connector broke loose. The nerds fixed it and had me up the same day. I went to every other computer place in town and was told it was a lost cause. I am glad I found this place.
11/19/2006, 05:45 AM   They will fix your problem. We spent 2 hours on the phone while he fixed the problem. Now my computer works great. Thank God for people who know their work and enjoy working . Two things that are hard to find today are people with passion and drive to do a great job. Thanks, I really appreciate your help.
11/04/2006, 04:47 AM   Shawn at ClickaNerd did a fantastic job working on my PC. Its running better than the day I took it out of the box. The process was quick, easy and not very expensive. Ive had my PC for about 7 years and in half an hour he had this thing running like new.
11/02/2006, 00:18 AM   I have an extensive network for my business. One of my main desktops had serious problems which slowed me down a great deal. ClickaNerd got me going at full speed within an hour. All the work was done over the Internet and I didnt have to connnect or disconnect anything hardward or install or unilstall major software. The service was affordable too. Issac
10/28/2006, 06:12 AM   When does your computer funk out? Mine works great all day and when I really need it everyone is closed. Not these guys. I tried a call at 4:30 am and what do you know, I got a real live person and they spoke english. We solved my problem and I was up and running before the sun came up. Great Work, Great Price, Thanks Nerds.
10/13/2006, 02:47 AM   I called Shawn from ClickaNerd because I was having alot of problems with my computer. After speaking to Shawn on the phone he said \"Its is probably something Ive seen a 1000 times.\" Well leave it to me, I stumped him. Sorry about that Shawn! (LOL) Anyway, he didnt give up \u0026 now my computer is working great good. Thanks Shawn, Your awesome, Rhonda From Canada
10/07/2006, 02:32 AM   I was really surprised when he fixed my computer from his office, but hey it worked! He did a fantastic job 100% worth every penny spent! thanks once again. Now I know I have my tech-support whenever its needed! totally satisfied
09/27/2006, 04:55 AM   Have dealt with several computer techs over the years and ComputerNerds is the first Ive found to combine technical know-how with the patience, persistence and responsiveness needed to get complicated computer issues resolved quickly. Wish I had found these guys sooner!
09/22/2006, 07:16 AM   Shaun fixed my computer using remote control, removed a bunch of spyware programs that my so called internet security installed. He was quick friendly and answered all my questions. Shortly I will be having him diagnose and fix my other computer. Since he can use the remote contol feature for customers out of town, I will definitely recommend him to all my family and friends, and if I ever move, I will continue to use his service. Reasonable prices and good service.
09/21/2006, 03:54 AM   I wish that I would have known about ClickaNerd sooner. I had been without computer access for 3 days and really stressed out about what was wrong with my computer. However, one simple call and technican Shawn was able to fix my sick computer within minutes. He was very kind, courteous and professional. Thank you soo much. I will definately recommend yall to any and all of my friends. God Bless.
09/20/2006, 07:41 AM   u saved my computer I thought I was on my way to a nervice breakdown and a dead computer too. I am very pleased with the service and they took care of a real nasty virus I thought might have killed my hard drive it`s nice to find a knowlageble and trustworthy person on the other end of the internet connection especially these days I can`t thank you enough. A very satified cutomer.
09/19/2006, 04:52 AM   Outstanding job. This guy really knows his stuff. I was blown away at how fast and time effiecient the whole proccess took for my computer needs. I would definatly recommend this service to anybody I know.
09/17/2006, 05:33 AM   These guys rock, twenty four hours a day service, even when I was deployed to Iraq. Called up and they tuned up my computer right over the internet. I will do more business with them.
09/16/2006, 07:22 AM   I have been doing business with ClickaNerd for several years and I am a 100% satisfied customer. Since they launched the online software repair service it is just great. There is nothing like speaking to a \"real\" person and them helping you solve your computer problems. Thanks Shawn. Jerry, Harker Heights, TX
09/16/2006, 02:33 AM   I was told by a friend about ClickaNerd. The prices are reasonable and the work is fast paced. I recommend my friends to ClickaNerd. Thanks.
09/15/2006, 02:48 AM   W ell i was very satisfied with how quick and thorough he was! Also I was ecstatic that my pc was ready to go in less than 30 minutes!!! Thank you!
09/11/2006, 02:35 AM   Thank you so much Shawn, youre a genius. I went everywhere and I was let down by either them not knowing or charging too much but you came through for me. You gained one more lifetime customer. God Bless
09/08/2006, 04:34 AM   These guys are great! Excellent service and turn-around time, affordable, and available 24hrs! Try getting that anywhere else. Very friendly and courteous wont find that \"Im a computer god, you are at my mercy\" attitude there! Thanks!
09/04/2006, 04:48 AM   Was having a bad day till they told me they could fix my problem. Service was fast and great, explained alot and would definitely recommend to others and certainly go back.
08/31/2006, 04:16 AM   I would like to extend a wonderful thank you to Shawn for helping me fix my problem with remote access repair when no one else had the time.
08/26/2006, 05:43 AM   Service was professional, courteous and determined to get to the root of the problem. After finding the problem, my computer was fixed and is working wonderfully! Thank you! Patty
08/03/2006, 04:27 AM   I really like their fast service...and the fact that its open 24/7 is good too.
07/28/2006, 05:17 AM   great job on power jack repair
07/28/2006, 04:01 AM   Was really pleased with the quick professional fix to my computers problems, would definately reccomend.
06/23/2006, 06:51 AM   ClickaNerd have fast service. I have alway been satisfied with their work. Will go threw them in the futhur.
06/23/2006, 05:23 AM   The City of Nolanville is very pleased with the work done by ClickaNerd. They are the only company we use.
06/23/2006, 04:11 AM   Shaun did a great job fixing my computer. He was right, it does run alot faster. However, a bunch of my files were misplaced and I cannot find them. Overall, the service was really good and I appreciated Shawn fixing my computer in a very timely manner. Anne Petri
06/23/2006, 04:01 AM   Time and money well spent. Hes trust worthy and humble. I am posotively satisfied with his service.
06/16/2006, 03:16 AM   honest, quick service , my computer is better than ever , highly recommended
06/15/2006, 05:01 AM   Overpriced, Try using Extreame Computers or M5 technologies
05/29/2006, 06:58 AM   Best service in town, would recommend to anyone. I couldnt believe the next day service in getting just what I wanted.
05/25/2006, 05:33 AM   I realy like taking my computer to them they are awsome and they have a fast turn around.My husband is in Iraq and they had it in and out with a couple od hours so i could still talk to him on line.They also build computers its so neat.Thank you so much.
04/27/2006, 18:39 PM   The best decision I ever made!\nI spilled a candle in my laptop and nothing worked. I got it back and it looked and operated like new ! Jesus Christ might have walked on water but ClickaNerd showed him where the stumps were !!!!!
04/24/2006, 07:35 AM   Despite turning my laptop in late in the afternoon they still had it ready for me in a timely manner, and at a cheap price, i was very satisfied with their work and that they were courteous to me...
04/22/2006, 01:57 AM   My computer is better than new! They explained all the problems that I had and did an awesome job. I suggest that if you have ANY computer problems go to ClickaNerd for fast friendly service.
04/07/2006, 07:05 AM   They did a wonderful job with my computer. Some of my pictures were lost, but for the most part I am very satisfied. Thank you!
03/24/2006, 03:35 AM   I called \"The Nerds\" at 2:30 AM on Monday. I brought in my laptop and they got my homework back by 7:00 AM. Thank's ClickaNerd
03/23/2006, 00:11 AM   ClickaNerd are so great at their job. I mean they were very prompt on fixing my computer and they were extreamly friendly! If I had a question, they answered it with no problem. They are extreamly knowlegdable and its in such a convinient location. If I ever had any more computer problems ClickaNerd are the ones I would go to! Thanks guys!
03/13/2006, 04:30 AM   I brought my computer in to get it repaired. Not only was it in and out in no time but my computer runs better than it did when we purchased it. I now know where I will keep my business. Thanks for your help.
03/08/2006, 00:06 AM   I called and asked for the work to be done, and a few hours later it was completed. Excellent turn-around time. I had trouble getting onto the internet once I got the computer back home. Even though it was late when I called the technician back, he walked me through the steps to get connected. Friendly and fast service...A++++
03/03/2006, 05:22 AM   I am new in Killeen and they were the only ones who could help me when I needed it and at the best price. I had a few questions and called Shaun, my tech guy I guess youd call him, and he was awesome in helping me out. I would recommend these giys to everyone!!!
03/01/2006, 02:18 AM   My computer has never ran so fast before. You did a very nice job for an understandable price. I will be back
02/28/2006, 00:46 AM   quick, reasonable price, very friendly and of course the computer runs great. no clmplaints and will use them again.
02/19/2006, 06:49 AM   This was a very easy, stress free, and afordable transaction. My computer developed a problem on a Sunday evening at 8pm. I was able to talk to my \"Nerd\" and dropped it off the next morning........picked it up that same night, and here I am using my home computer again.......and its even better than it was before! Thank you Shaun! Molly March Realtor
02/18/2006, 01:24 AM   I called the nerds at 1400 and they had my computer fixed by 2100, an hour before they said they would. Their price was better than anywhere else I called, and they fixed my computer faster than anywhere else quoted. I will definitely use them for any of my computer problems in the future.
02/17/2006, 06:33 AM   I called late on a Sunday night and was told to bring my lap top right over! A virus fried my hard drive and I needed it for work. They were able to save my much needed data. Less than 3 hrs later I got a call saying it was all fixed! In my business 24/7 is a definate plus! Thanks guys! Fair prices and straight talk! I will definately be back!
02/17/2006, 06:15 AM   well i had shattered the screen on my laptop, that contained alot of vital information. i called the ClickaNerd from a listing in the phone book and they were able to transfer all my importiant data from the broken laptop to my other. The whole experiance was cost effective and preformed professinaly in a timely manner. THANKS ClickaNerd!!! Spc Norriss US Army
02/14/2006, 00:42 AM   I called ClickaNerd about 8 pm and was told to bring my computer over, I was suprized when he told me it would be ready the next morning. The price quote was really fair and there wasnt any hidden charges. THANKS ClickaNerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/11/2006, 04:12 AM   Always reasonable and very helpful! Fast and wonderful service. I belive they know everything there is to know about computers and they wont make you feel like an idiot.
01/31/2006, 04:22 AM   This company knows what they are doing, excellent service. A+++
01/28/2006, 01:47 AM   This place was amazing! I called in the afternoon and my computer was fixed that night! The price was perfect, the person was friendly and he did a great job fixing it. Im going to recommend them to all my friends when they have problems with their pcs :)
01/19/2006, 05:58 AM   They went above and beyond. Repaired my computer the same day. Even problems discovered after they received my computer. Great service!!! The price they quoted me was the price I paid!
10/24/2005, 01:07 AM   My computer works like new thanks you guys are the best!
10/17/2005, 01:42 AM   I have been dealing with ClickaNerd for a couple of years and I love they are open on weekends with fast turn around. I called on a Sunday at noon and by 6pm I was home with my computer running like new.
10/13/2005, 02:15 AM   Professional, courteous, extremely knowledgeable! Overall outstanding \u0026 speedy service
09/23/2005, 05:24 AM   We have been to this shop twice and both times we have had great experiences with the owner. The people that work there are very nice and they seem to be very knowledgeable about computers.
09/16/2005, 03:18 AM   Great service, great expertise, and very fast. Told my that a hard drive previously installed under a warranty was not new, but used. Would and will recommend to any and everyone.
09/12/2005, 05:46 AM   Great service and very fast. Explained everything to me so I could understand. Would recommend to everyone. Cheapest quote and price in the area.
07/19/2005, 07:50 AM   I took my computer in to be repaired, I was in a panic because I ha dschool work I needed to complete. Sean was able to answer all my questions and he had my computer up and runing in no time.
07/19/2005, 01:57 AM   Both Shawn and his son have worked on my computers numerous times. I have always been satisfied with their work. I have been going to them for 3 and a half years now and I have never had to take my computer back after they have worked on it. They are the ONLY ONEs I will allow to work with my computers. Thanks Shawn and son. Bart and Tammee McCullough
07/15/2005, 04:22 AM   Not only diagnosed our PC for free, but lead us to a new pc with 2x the memory and speed for a fraction of the price, loaded all the stuff from our old hard drive and set our new PC up for no extra cost. Did I mention he knows what hes doing?! Love that Nerd!
07/15/2005, 03:28 AM   I brought my laptop to ClickaNerd after spending hours searching for the fix myself. I *thought* I knew what was wrong, and how it needed to be fixed. Unfortunately, nothing is ever so simple with computers. Shawn discovered that I needed new parts for my motherboard, and had the part ordered and shipped within two business days... after a Saturday evening dropoff. I had my computer back even faster than he predicted I would! Service was great and I was very comfortable leaving my computer in capable hands. Highly recommended. Thanks!
06/22/2005, 03:38 AM   This company knows what it is doing! Computer works better than it did when it was \"working right\" Friendly, Extremely knowledgable, and WILL have them service ALL my computer equipment from now on!!